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Here begins a great adventure story and “I’m blogging my child’s #ColgateMagicalStories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate

It was a cozy winter night when Jane and Charlie decided to stand near the window and talk about ‘The other world’. Reading story books and poems about aliens made them wonder about their existence.

“I am sure they exist and can see us” Jane said.

“And I can see them”, said Charlie and pointed towards a huge round spaceship coming towards them.

“I think we should close the window and sleep Charlie”, Jane advised.

But I think it’s time for some adventure said Charlie in sheer excitement. They keenly observed the ‘Aliens’ standing at the door of spaceship.
It looked as if they were waving at them and calling them to join them by jumping into the spaceship from their window. Jane and Charlie joined them and began their “Adventurous story”.

Jane and Charlie soon became friends with ‘Aliens’ on the spaceship and began exploring the space. They could see earth and other planets and were amazed to see how vast our space actually is.

While other planets seemed well, Earth looked furious.

Jane what do you think makes Earth so angry, questioned Charlie.

Look deeply Charlie, while there is so much cleanliness on other planets, Earth is filled with pollution, dust and all that is done by people like us which makes earth so sad and angry.

“I will never throw my chips packet anywhere other than dustbin”, promised Charlie.

In the middle of their conversation came an alien near to them and pointed towards the rocket and asked Jane and Charlie to go inside the rocket and explore things all by themselves.

“You can land on the moon and play there and if you get tired of playing on moon you can go to another planet.” explained Alien through his body language. Jane and Charlie entered the rocket and could see their home, their friends and family from there.
After wandering into the space both of them decided to land on moon and play there for a while. Time passed by and both Jane and Charlie got tired and decided to sleep inside the rocket which had blankets and pillow inside it.

“How nice it is that we can rest here”, said Charlie.

“I don’t want to go back”, sighed Jane and slept.

As moon went down and it was time for sun to rise. Aliens decided to send Jane and Charlie back to their planet. They were carried into the spaceship and were dropped safely to their home.
Janeee, Charlieee “School bus won’t wait for you, Wake Up!!” , Shouted their mom.
“But Mom, we just slept”, Replied they.

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