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Kayaking Tips for the Adrenaline Junkies 2

Do you feel that the corporate world has completely engulfed you? Like there’s always a monotonous 9-to-6 task to be accomplished, followed by a one hour drive back home, dinner, presentations and crashing into bed! Do you wish to take a little break (a kayaking break perhaps)?

Here’s the call for all adrenaline junkies! Pack your bags and go kayaking in India!

But how, you ask? Try taking some kayaking help from the experts at Madras Fun Tools!

Definitely, this is an adventure sport and you need to take care of some tips. Have a look and test your limits for thrill and adventure.

Kayaking Tips for the Adrenaline Junkies 2

Equipment Talks

The kayaks in today’s time are made of wood, fibreglass, Kevlar or rotomolded plastic and are essentially for recreational purposes. They can be used in seas, Whitewater Rivers and lakes. Though the heart of this sport is paddling, there’s a lot more to learn. Both safety and enjoyment can be ensured only with the right equipment and techniques.

Kayaks are typically designed to hold one to three paddlers. The design varies in shape and material. Sea kayaks have longer bodies for covering more distance while high impact plastic is used to build white – water kayaks so that they incur less damage and easily bounce off rocks.

Sit on top kayaks are the ones most commonly sold. These are used for recreational paddling and are ideal for beginners. Low – maintenance and lightweight fibreglass or rotomolded plastic is used to build them. These have wider beams and are easy to keep stable and upright. You can also buy kayaks in India plastic kayaks are the cheapest, while Kevlar kayaks are the priciest.

The paddles are two – bladed. Choosing the correct paddle depends on the size and stature of kayak, and the stroking preferences.

Kayaking Tips for the Adrenaline Junkies

Safety Equipment for Kayaking – India

Investing in a life vest or a personal floatation device is of high importance. While kayaking in rocky waters, use of helmets is crucial. Sprayskirts are usually used for staying dry. Dry bags keep the personal belongings safe.

Learning how to Kayak

A certified instructor teaches you the basic safety and paddling techniques. Be sure that you make your first in a calm environment and avoid the rapids in the initial phases. Before you take on the difficult environments, you will learn basic paddling and how to get in and out of the kayak.

Hopping in and out!

This can really be an awkward and challenging first lesson (and we’re not kidding!). The basic rule is that you must keep your weight low and centered. While you step into the cockpit, hold onto the edge of the dock. Lower yourself in, slowly while staying stable with the support. Exiting is the same, just reversed. Lean against the dock, pull out your knees against the cockpit and simply slide out with minimum effort into a sitting position.

Learn the basics about the technique and equipment of this up – and – go activity and paddle off to the adrenaline highs! And when you are finally ready to paddle it out come and visit Madras Fun Tools – Where kayaking is RE-Defined!

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