KidZania – Where Curiosity Shapes Dreams

Kidzania – Where Curiosity Shapes Dreams3

What I took as a weekend activity has become a regular entertainment medium for my children aged 7 and 9. Both my kids have creative imaginations and love to role play. Every day brings a new role model and a new idea about a future career. People say kids are like a blank sheet of paper they embrace things from a very early age, they are curious and that curiosity shapes their dreams.

Kidzania – Where Curiosity Shapes Dreams3

KidZania NCR has been a boon to weekend activity. There is a whole city and a fully fledged economy that functions here. My kids choose a new role play every time and play-act the various activities that go with the theme. This theme park has 90+ activities that may form the base of careers in aviation, science, teaching, technology, acting, and so much more.

The fully functional economy within a fully fledged city with paved roads and battery operated cars taught my children the value of money, careful spending habits and importance of saving. At a fraction of the cost of what I would spend at a mall, I get to be creative and teach my kids so much. I am even planning a birthday for my elder child at the park!

Kidzania – Where Curiosity Shapes Dreams3

KidZania works in a very systematic manner with a scheduled planned calendar for each month. They provide you the details of their activities and timing so that you can plan things accordingly and in case you are planning any surprise for your kids this will be the best way to do it. You can visit KidZania’s website and take a look at all the necessary information, package details, and kid’s activities that they offer. Not just fun but KidZania also offers learning to your kids, be it education, societal or psychological. They believe in shaping a better future for your kids becausekids are the future.

KidZania is been doing really great since they started in the year 2013, they are one of a kind organization that takes education and fun both very seriously and over the year they have been rewarded with so many prestigious honours like best destination for kids, Best new concept by kids, The most admired retail concept Lunch of the year award etc. and many more.

Kidzania – Where Curiosity Shapes Dreams3

So, if you are planning to give your kids the experience of learning, growing and understanding altogether, I would undoubtedly suggest you KidZania.

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