Top 5 Lessons I learned while working in a Non-Cooperative Team

Working as a Team is always a tough job for almost everyone, but it’s crucial to do so. In any business, you need team members and teams for making the task complete within the best minimum time possible and if you think that you can do that work alone then think again.

If you are running a business and want to see your customers fully satisfied, then you have to offer them a great kind of service, and it needs dedication and teamwork. Also, if you are a small business and providing local services in U.S or its small towns or in any other country then also there you need the same thing.

But, what if your team members or your team is Non-Cooperative? I have faced this kind of experience in my life and let me tell you that it is really very hard to work as the main lead along with the team or team members who don’t cooperate with you in any project or goal. When this happens, then you feel like completely frustrated and want to kill each and everyone, but it’s hardly possible.

Today, I am going to share with you the same kind of experience and the lessons which I learned while working in a Non-Cooperative team. These were like most valuable lessons of my life. So, find out what I learned:

  1. It wasn’t others’ fault all the time; I was responsible too for most of the problems. I was really upset because of the downfall of my business, and the co-workers were not co-operative too. They used to behave in a non-cooperative manner which made me more frustrated. Then, with the passage of time, I realized that I was too rude to them and their non-cooperation was the result of my own behavior. That was the real problem. I used to communicate with them in an entirely bad way which made them non-cooperative. Since then, I started talking to them very politely, and all the things had sorted out.

I learned that we consider anyone non-cooperative when they don’t do things what we want them to do and it doesn’t make them wrong.

  1. Don’t ask the team/team members to change as in this situation it gives all the powers to them and if it happens then, you won’t be able to modify the situation. So, try to find out some other ways to make the things right.
  2. That’s my work/business, and I have to do the best possible thing myself, and for this, I have to take the best out of them. Not all are good at everything so give the tasks according to the interests and perfection. Always remember the skill of understanding others’ need and interest and align their need and interest with yours. This way they will definitely do what you want them to do. Also, you can tell them what’s in it for them, make them feel important, make them feel appreciated, etc. These are the ways through which you can run your business smoothly.
  3. Don’t stick with them only, find other ways to solve out the problem. There is always a second choice. If you are unable to solve out the problem with them then firstly, change the strategy. It may be possible that you are hoping something from a wrong person. So, give the task only to that person who is eligible and can do that task. Also, find out the ways in which you won’t need their participation.
  4. If you can’t fix it, then move on. You will face so many problems and difficulties while working with the non-cooperative team and if you know that you can’t fix that problem then move on rather than waiting for the right time. It’s the best possible decision you can take because like I said, there is always a second choice and one day you will definitely get the right person or team for you.

So, these are the lessons I learned while working with the non-cooperative team members or in a team. I hope these lessons will help you in your life. If you are a person who has faced this problem of the non-cooperative team, then you can relate to the lessons and if you haven’t then these may help you. Giant business companies and tycoons follow the same strategies. It doesn’t matter if you work for a giant Amazon, Alibaba or a government post office, these lessons will surely help you. Please Share your questions in the comment, we love to answer it at the earliest

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