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Smartphone’s here Smartphone’s there, Smartphones are now found everywhere. Over the last few decades, there has been a steady increase in the usage of these nifty little gadgets. Our lives are totally dependent on our phones be it at home or at the office.

Everyone wants a ‘GOOD’ phone, but what makes a phone, a ‘GOOD’ one? Well. Generally, the ‘GOOD’ part is categorized by the device’s ability to do ‘MORE’, more than your other gadgets (including your last phone, laptop, tablet – the list goes on).

When it comes to business people, they need a phone that is useful for their work and improves their productivity. They also need a device that keeps them connected with the office from dusk till dawn.

Are phones able to do all of this? Yes, they are, all of this and more – much MORE! They increase your potential to a much greater extent by giving you access to a number of business tools and information that could once be obtained through a computer only.

Say you are lucky enough to find a phone with all the features you need, but your boss took it in his hands just to see what’s so special about your ‘SMARTphone’ and down it goes from his hand and hits the floor, the boss gives a flimsy Oopsie Daisy! And your heart shatters into a million pieces because this isn’t just the loss of a good phone, it’s the loss of your most important asset – INFORMATION (all the contacts, emails, chat history of clients and your latest photos – Everything GONE in a split second.)

For business people information is power and they can’t afford to lose it, this means not only should their phone have innumerable features, it should also be durable like the “#LGV20” which has passed the US Military Standards Transit Drop Test for durability – now that’s a phone for today’s Millennial Entrepreneurs.

Here are some more features of the latest LG Phone that can help you in business and leisure both:

Getting you places

Your #LGV20 will get you at all your appointments fast and easy, this comes as a true blessing when you are in a new city for a meeting.

Keeps you armed with customer information

Your #LGV20 can connect to any CRM and fetch useful information on potential or existing clients.

Eleventh-hour inquiries –

Be it an interview for a new job or a product pitch to land a big client, your LGV20 will help you do all the last minute searches/inquiries faster and better to keep you on top of things, attributable to the 6GB RAM.


Contacts on your fingertips

Staying in touch with, clients, office, friends and family has become much easier with the power of Smartphone’s,  your contact list is a business tool that you simply can’t do without and with networking tools like LinkedIn you can also find new contact numbers on the go.

Let’s get social –

All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy – keeping that in mind your #LGV20 will keep you close to your friends and colleagues by allowing you to read comments and post new updates whenever you catch a free moment.

Waiting is fun –

Thanks to LGV20, traveling to and from work or waiting in someone’s office is not going to be mind-numbingly boring anymore. The Hi-Fi Quad DAC moves your soul with every beat, you can enjoy high-quality audio through speakers or headphones to enjoy an extraordinary playback experience.

Wondering already how to make this multimedia powerhouse yours – Click here and open the doors to a whole new Smartphone experience!


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