5 Life Lessons Learned By Trekking In The Mountains

Life Lessons Learned By Trekking In The Mountains

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” —Edmund Hillary

Trekking isn’t for the faint-hearted, it isn’t just another hobby either; rather it is a means to an end– and the end is our need to ‘CONNECT WITH NATURE’. A trail through the woods can be your biggest teacher in life. It’s not about getting out into the deep and dark woods; it is about learning some life lessons that’ll stay with you long after the trek!

Trekking once experienced, will change you forever. It’ll teach you how to cope with difficult situations, it’ll teach you how to adapt and most of all it’ll help you (more like force you) to grow into a strong-willed individual.

Here are 5 valuable life lessons that you can learn by trekking in the mountains:

1. Life begins outside your comfort zone:


Out on a trek in the mountains, with your legs sore and sweat dripping down your face; you sure are out of your cozy comfort zone. However, being uncomfortable isn’t as bad as you’d think. When you reach your trekking goals, you’ll gain a new appreciation of your hard work and strong will to push through hurdles when things get tough.

2. Material things are IMMATERIAL

Life Lessons Learned By Trekking In The Mountains

Always-On WiFi connectivity, latest laptops and Smartphone’s — trekking teaches you that you don’t need any of these material assets to live a contended life. You can practically live out of your backpack on the trail with nothing but fresh air, water, shelter and simple food – who needs more?

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3. It’s a BEAUTIFUL world

Life Lessons Learned By Trekking In The Mountains

It pains me to think how unfortunate we are, for not recognizing (appreciating) the magnificence of nature. We get consumed with our busy lifestyle that we fail to observe just how beautiful this world is, trekking gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this world in silent contemplation.

4. Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be EXPERIENCED

Life Lessons Learned By Trekking In The Mountains

When was the last time you stopped your fast paced life just to smell the roses? Can’t remember, I thought so! Why is everyone rushing through life instead of experiencing it? Just like an expedition to the peak of a mountain, life is also to be savored and appreciated.

5. After an adventure in the mountains, you can do ANYTHING.

Life Lessons Learned By Trekking In The Mountains

Trekking to the top of a mountain is a remarkable achievement in more ways than one. After such an extraordinary accomplishment that tests you at every step, you’ll become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger and will be able to achieve anything you want.

In the end – everything seems worthwhile:

Theodore Roosevelt very aptly said ~ “Nothing Worth Having Was Ever Achieved Without Effort.” Whether it is a big promotion at work or enjoying the picturesque view from the top of a mountain, reaching the summit of success won’t come without challenges. As long as, you understand the power of great efforts and perseverance you’ll keep moving forward with your journey and in the end you’ll discover it was all WORTH IT!

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