How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

Living hand-to-mouth and barely making ends meet? Such is life for more than half of this country’s population. We all are running after a good education, good job and most of all good MONEY! However, few of us see things differently, they have their own ideologies.

This post is for the ones who dream of making the most out of their life without the mundane 9-to-5 struggle. If you are among the unruly ones who won’t settle for the ordinary, then here are a few ways you can make a living without the quintessential ‘Day Job’.

  • Take online surveys (it pays a lot better than you think!)
  • Test websites using websites like StartupLife and TryMyUI (Who knew trying out websites was a job)
  • Participate in mock trials and earn easy money (Nothing better than trying something new)
  • Use various websites like Swagbucks to earn money for searching the web

How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

  • If you have your own website, you can host software and get paid (It’s sort of like renting out a room in your house)
  • Sign up on websites to become a beta tester
  • Participate in clinical trials (It’s not how they show in the movies, for sure)
  • Use websites such as sweepstakes to earn money by competing in contests (Enroll in a contest, win big bucks)
  • If you have a special skill then you can earn money by entering competitions (your gaming skills can make you a buck or two)
  • You can watch PTC advertisement or movie previews (And here I am watching commercials on my TV without getting paid, huh!)

How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

  • Install apps that use your data (Your data is quite valuable)
  • Become a search evaluator and help improve search results (Wouldn’t that be easier for everyone)
  • Rent out the possessions you’re not using (If you’re not using it, rent it out)
  • You can rent out your extra bedroom or even your house if you have another one (Plus, you could have company)
  • Rent out your parking spot (No point having an emptying parking spot)
  • Rent out your studio space (Your empty room could be somebody’s workroom)
  • If you’re good at writing, then become a freelance writer (Your words can earn you bucks)

How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

  • If you’re an artist, sculptor or if you can make any form of art, then make it and sell (we all know how expensive art is)
  • If you know how to make lesson plans, then you can sell your lesson plans (As they say, you got it; you use it!)
  • Sell your old books (Who wants to have a bunch of old books anyway)
  • If you’re good at taking pictures, then sell stock photos (Click, print, and sell)
  • With today’s technology, you can also work as someone’s virtual assistant (Time to put those organizing skills to test)
  • Become a virtual bookkeeper (Love numbers? This is for you)
  • Join affiliate advertising (Advertising can be fun)

How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

  • Post quality content on forums (People will actually give more than a penny for your thoughts)
  • Become a telecommuter
  • You can become a tutor (Time to impart wisdom, eh?)
  • Do microtasks by becoming a micro freelancer (Little tasks can pool a lot of green)
  • If you know a few languages, you can become a translator (Who knew that French class in high school will pay off now)
  • You can become a Transcriptionist and earn money by transcribing audio or video (Audio or video, you could earn big)
  • If you think you’re wise, then you can earn by giving advice (No one wants to give “free” advice)
  • Become a dog walker and walk the dogs in your neighborhood for some green (Dogs like walks, you like cash)

How to Make a Living Without a 9-to-5 Job

  • Apply to go on various game shows (You could be on TV!)
  • If you’re good with dogs, then you can earn money by pet sitting others’ dogs(nothing like a quality weekend with someone else’s lab)
  • Become a lawn mower(They’ll pay a lot to keep their lawns clean and green)
  • If you love shopping, become a mystery shopper (Enjoy the bliss of shopping without spending from your pocket)
  • Become a rideshare driver (interesting way to meet new people)
  • You can deliver goods while you travel (Why not make money while traveling)
  • Do odd tasks (Little errands can give you huge benefits)
  • Use apps such as Viggle to earn money by watching TV (wasn’t this your childhood dream? To watch TV and make money)

Use apps such as Viggle to earn money by watching TV (wasn't this your childhood dream? To watch TV and make money)

  • Become a blogger (Blog your way to Ka-ching!)
  • Recycle stuff for yourself and your neighbors (Doing your bit for the environment could pay off big time)
  • Make referrals (Who wouldn’t want to hear about something new)
  • Write an eBook ( You could be the next famous author)
  • Learn and start investing in stocks (Have a knack for numbers and trends? you’ve got this!)

All said and done:

Many people will accept the fact money isn’t everything; however, to survive we do need money. Whether you’re a blogging genius or a smart investor, these nifty job ideas can help you make dough without the boring 9-to-5 routine.

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