Make-up Tips for Mother of the Bride

Make-up Tips for Mother of the Bride

It’s a big day for mothers of the brides as well. After deciding on the mother of the bride dresses, it’s high time to choose the right makeup. A hairstyle and a makeup can rock or shock any wedding dress! Wear a makeup that goes right with the theme of wedding and colors in your mother of the bride dresses.

Scroll down to some of the tips to get some fab make-up tips

·       Skin Prep is Necessary:

Preparing your skin for the D-Day is the first step towards glowing skin. At the age where the mothers of the bride are in, they need a skincare regime at least 1 month before the wedding of their lovelies.

Start a skincare programme which includes very easy steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day. Use an exfoliator twice in a week and a moisture sheet to keep your skin hydrated so that it feels fresh and ready for makeup.

·      A Make-up Trial:

A make-up trial is mandatory to avoid last minute hurries or any stress that comes along if your makeup doesn’t go well with mother of the bride dresses. The colors of your eye shadow, lipstick or blush should complement your dress and theme of the wedding.

Sometimes, make-up matches terribly wrong with the skin tone and gold mother of the bride dresses. So make sure that you do a make-up trial one day before the wedding day.

Make-up Tips for Mother of the Bride

·       Choose the Right Foundation Shade:

Take your time in choosing the right shade of foundation for your skin. The foundation shade if chosen rightly and blended the right way gets the glow on your face. The mother’s skin should glow equally well like a daughter would on the wedding day.

A good foundation will make your skin look even and it will hide all the blemishes and aging spots if any. This is one of teh most important make-up tips.

·       Beautiful Lip Colors:

The lip color matched with blush can be the focal point of your whole makeup look! If it’s a spring summer wedding affair, soft pink shades go perfectly with flowery wedding dresses. A subtle shade of pink canopt for any spring wedding makeup look.

And if it’s a chilled winter wedding, deep reds can glam up any of your gold mother of the bride dresses. Keep your blush and eye make up subtle as per your mother of the bride dresses.

make-up tips for mother of bride

·       Stay in Your Comfort Zone:

It’s not the time to experiment with the colors and makeup. Stay relevant and true to yourself, wear the colors that define your personality and doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Wearing a make-up trend that doesn’t suit you will end up looking drab and stress you out.

Any stress takes along dull skin along with it so avoid experimenting at the last moment.


Apart from these make-up tips, mums deserve pampering too! Hire a makeup artist so that they don’t end up doing all the makeup and hairstyle alone. Probably, your mums are the ones who have to plan everything for your wedding and host it as well. They are the hostess and should shine equally well at the party.

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