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There are many issues that busy lives face in this modern world. Stress, depression and anxiety are common. The other malady that drains couples of love and attachment is the refusal to understand and accept that they are facing problems.  The fact of the matter is that at this juncture it seems that you are stuck in a vicious cycle. Your relationship is strained due to depression and anxiety, and this in turn often worsens mental health issues.

The first step to regaining the trust and attachment is acceptance. Once you have accepted that you have a problem, you can seek help. Psychologists and marriage counselors will be able to help you navigate the rocky path that mental health issues bring to a relationship.

Does marriage counseling help in resolving issues?

Marriage counseling is a scary thing for most couples. They are unsure of what it entails. The relationship they share is often at a place where it seems untenable and frustrating to be together. The fact is that a seasoned counselor is often the best person to help them work through their issues.

  • The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Once you reach this conclusion, and visit a psychologist she can help you resolve your issues or determine whether you can regain the bond that you once shared.
  • The next step is to determine whether the mental health issues that one partner has is the factor that is causing the relationship to break down. It could be the other way round too. If your mental health is the cause of trouble, acceptance is the way forward to treat the problem. Your therapist can help you understand the root cause of incompatibility.
  • Your therapist or marriage counselor could provide you both a neutral arena to talk your problems out. It is often seen that the problem is not irreconcilable, but a patient hearing in the presence of a third person is enough to help you find a middle ground.
  • If one of you is facing mental health issues, the therapist can help you find a common ground to rebuild communication. It is often trust issues and lack of meaningful communication that causes misconceptions, and one or both spouses feel cheated. A marriage counselor can provide a patient hearing; suggest exercises that open up communication lines and trust. It is often seen that a few sessions change the perception of the couple.
  • You might be asked to state your problem articulately in a non-accusatory manner. The therapist may ask you list out all your feelings and ask the other partner to talk about the same. In many cases rationalizing spousal expectations and drawing boundaries may be the answer to healing.
  • Sometimes attachment issues or a forgotten childhood trauma causes the pain. Dealing with the same resolves the issue. If your depression or anxiety needs medical attention, it is provided and issues are gradually sorted.
  • In some cases, a trial separation and individual therapy may set the ball rolling towards a rebuilding of the relationship.

Do not lose hope if you feel that things are rocky between you as a couple. Most problems can be sorted with appropriate help. Visit to seek online marriage counseling and rise above your problems as partners to thrive together and lead a happy life.

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