New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration Do’s and Don’ts

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration

Woah! Is it New Year’s time already? 2016 flew by in a jiffy. Isn’t December the month stuffed with all good things? Comfy warm clothes, wine and whiskey, New Year’s Eve 2017 and plenty of celebrations! No more time to procrastinate buddies, because there’s just so much to do.

Put on your festive hats and get to work, but as you arrange a New Year’s party or attend one as a guest, make sure you do know about what you must not do at one.

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration 5

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Don’t want to be forever despised? Here is what to do and what not to do – simple and straightforward!

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration Dont’s

  • DON’T blabber on about work – Talking about work is a strict NO. One – it is boring, two – it just brings around the revelation of the dark truth that you have nothing in common except for the hectic schedules. It says that you would rather like being alone and binge watch your favourite TV series instead of painting a fake smile on your face, just for the sake of it. JUST DON’T do it. Don’t be Neo taking the red pill, instead, choose the blue. Maintain the illusion if that’s what it is or let others know that you really are interested in being there. Don’t let the glitter matrix of music, fun and the New Year’s decorations fall apart.
  • DON’T declare your love! – Do you want to know what the best time to ask out that beautiful crush of yours is? Probably never! At least not this New Year’s bash! Her boyfriend might be an investment banker or a rude bassist and all that will be left for you is hot tears and humiliation. Just three words to remember at the party – She’s NOT interested. Even if it gets a little late and you are in a bubble of joy, swaying with her and the mistletoe is overhead. Have another mince pie instead. The mistletoe is a rival in disguise and wants to ruin your festivities.
  • DON’T do the Festive Costume – Nobody really gets away with the fancy dresses (except for the CEO of your company, maybe!). Until that’s the dress code, try to stay away from it please.



Instead, choose a cool jacket as your party wear:

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration 5

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  • DON’T be on your phone – Step out of the virtual world for a while. You have people around you so try not to isolate yourself and interact with them instead. Also, isn’t it just so rude to be caught texting, while someone is happily describing their holiday shopping spree!? But do make sure that your phone becomes the centre of attraction with a classy back cover.


New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration 5

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  • DON’T wait till the party is over – Do you feel like telling me ‘easy there buddy!’? Well, I’m pretty serious about this one. Not enjoying it? Simply make a graceful exit. If you push it too hard, it will become visible and this will just make things awkward and less enjoyable for yourself and the others. It surely is time to call it a night, especially if you’ve had those few extra drinks! You can simply ditch waking up in the middle of the dance floor or in the bathroom.

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration Do’s


  • DO show up – At the end of the day, a New Year’s bash is the best time for networking and even catching up on the gossip (in case you have been overly burdened with work and swamped in hectic schedules, which has completely isolated you from the outer world…). Probably it is your only chance to fit in and mingle with the overly happy colleagues, neighbors (and far far relatives even) high on New Year’s spirit.
  • DO limit your drinks – Yes I know it is a party and you have all reasons to be merry, to drink and to eat. But that doesn’t mean you have the license to stumble around in your overly tipsy avatar and make a fool of yourself. So keep it in control. Interact with people and drink only as much as you can handle with ease.
  • DO participate – If it is dancing, show them your moves; if it’s a conversation, give your inputs. Just be a part of it. Anything is better than standing in the corner, completely lost in your phone.


New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration 5

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  • DO show gratitude – Definitely, you do realize that organizing the complete thing was not a cake walk. A lot goes in, especially planning and executing the plan correctly is a real task. Things always go wrong and fixing them is just too much to tackle. So thank everyone who has put efforts in it. Your tiny gesture will make you stand out.
  • DO refrain from being ‘THAT guy’ – There’s always ‘that guy’ at every party. The one who is just too much ‘into’ the complete thing. He’ll be stumbling around the whole place with a pint glass in one hand, the other hand involuntarily slinging around every random person’s shoulder and slobbering in everyone’s ears. Just do try to stay clean. Being bit too handsy can make you a rather avoidable creature!



Don’t be THAT girl who doesn’t have a good dressing sense

New Year’s Eve 2017 – Office Celebration 5

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