New Years Eve 2017 at Work – How to Rock Formal Attire!

New Years Eve 2017 at Work – How to Rock Formal Attire!

Worried about your look on New Years Eve 2017? We know women and fashion – are invariably inseparable. Whether it is work or a party, women are always ready with their best side on! But how do you rock a combination of work and pleasure?

New Years Eve 2017 is just around the corner and you must be worried about what to wear. After all, you have to club an office look with a party feel.

Not to worry lovely ladies! Throw away your thinking hats and read on for a look that is both formal as well as festive.

  1. What better way to welcome New Years Eve 2017, than with sweet flowers?

Floral dresses can never be a ‘no’. Somehow, they are the best option when you are looking for something sober, yet happy. Also, it’s always a nice pick for the day at work followed by an office party. A pastel bodycon dress with mid – sized floral prints can be your perfect companion for the New Years Eve 2017.

New Years Eve 2017 office-party 4

Checkout this feminine pastel bodycon for New Year 2017 
  1. But it is cold…

Of course, we don’t want you shivering all day. How about adding a jacket to add to the formal look? You can add up to the delicate look by wearing ladies coats with lace sleeves. Why not play up your feminine side when you welcome the next year on New Year’s Eve 2017!

New Years Eve 2017 office-party 4

Glam up for warmth with the white Lace Coat from Kraftly
  1. And all we know is that heels NEVER hurt (*wink*)

Pumps just mean – Office and party ready! Slither in for the slickest look in town. A wildly stylish pair of pumps will raise the glam quotient a notch higher. As you walk in, all eyes will be set on you. What else can you want? (Ah! You can always ditch them for a wild dance!) Go tik – tok and make heart beats stop!

New Years Eve 2017 office-party 4

Try the faux snakeskin pumps for your New Years Eve 2017 celebrations 
  1. What’s a woman without a tempting fragrance?

Calling the perfume lover in you! Yes its winters but having a nice fragrance tagging along always earns you some brownie points. Make everyone envy you with a cologne that is winter ready. After a long day at work, you might want to spray on some more delicate scent. So, carrying a pocket perfume is a great idea.

New Years Eve 2017 office-party 1

Slip in a perfume into your handbag to keep you in high spirits! 
  1. And where do we fit in the whole world that we have to carry around?

Ladies handbags are a must have accessory. Especially, when you have an after party at office! You won’t step in for New Years Eve 2017 without some touch-up, would you? (*giggles in the background*)

New Years Eve 2017 office-party 1

Try this spacious handbag from Kraftly

Don’t have an over the top look for work, yet glam up the office party with your sizzling hot fashion skills… Welcome New Years Eve 2017 in style!

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