7 Offensive Facts About The World We Live In

7 Offensive Facts About The World We Live In:

From bizarre practices to strange laws, the world we live in is a weird abyss in more ways than one. And we have no one to blame but ourselves for turning this beautiful planet into a place where danger lurks from every corner. Here are a few facts which will leave you wondering – if this is a place worth living in?

7 Offensive Facts About The World We Live In

  1. The khap panchayat in India

Uttar Pradesh, a city in India, has a khap panchayat that issued a diktat to rape the Dalit (untouchable) women and her sisters have to be raped and paraded naked in their village as a revenge for their brother’s action of running away with a married girl from the Jat community.

Source: hindustantimes.com

  1. The Virginity Fraud

Two myths about virginity: The first is about blood. According to this myth, the hymen breaks and bleeds when the women have vaginal sex for the first time which means that if there is no blood on the bed sheet afterwards then the woman is not a virgin. As in the first myth the hymen breaks and bleeds, the people believe that it disappears or is altered during the first intercourse, is the second myth.

In Indonesia, a group women protesters were forcefully examined for their virginity by the military members in order to enter into the military services. In Oslo, in order to ensure the parents that their children are not ruined, the doctors are examining the hymen of young girls.

Source: Youtube TedX- The virginity fraud

  1. In London (the 18th century) you could bring a cat or dog to feed the lions, in order to pay your admission ticket to the zoo.

A menagerie is a collection and display of capital animals. In the 18th century, London, the price of admission was three-half-pence but if the people were short of money, they could bring a dog or a cat to feed the lions, which used to compensate the admission fee.

Source: entertales.com

  1. The abuse with disables

90% of the disabled people experience some sort of sexual abuse. They are more vulnerable and are targeted as they cannot report what happened to them, their rapist need not worry about being caught. Those with mental disabilities are sometimes not able to explain and most of the time are not believed or disagreed by the people around them.

Source: Wikipedia – offensive facts about the world we live in

Human trafficking 7 Offensive Facts About The World We Live In

  1. Human trafficking all around the world

Human trafficking is trading people for forced labour, sexual exploitation and organs. It is the fastest growing international crime and about 1.5 million children are trafficked every year. Women and girls are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation. Men and boys are trafficked for forced labour. The trafficked humans are hanged to death and are tortured by electric shocks and keeping them without food and water.

Source: wordpress.com

  1. Cleansing ritual of widows in Ghana

In Ghana widows of a tribe were forcefully made to undergo a ritual to be cleansed to the spirit of the deceased husband. The ritual included taking bath in cold water, sitting naked on reed mat, shaving head and having sex with an individual that may be brother-in-law or a stranger.

Source: Wikipedia

  1. Female infanticide

It is the deliberate killing of the newborn female child or sometimes in the womb. Girls are thought to be a liability. The major causes of female infanticide are poverty, dowry system, and births to unmarried women. This practice arises in cultures where male child is preferred over female.

Source: skincare842.wordpress.com

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  1. Great article. Many eye opening facts. Cannot have better details than everything mentioned in the article.
    We hope that someone powerful in the chain of law is reading this and ensuring some remedial action, as per law of land.

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