7 Brutal Facts About Pemf Devices

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Pulsed electromagnetic field radiation makes use of electromagnetic fields to heal non-union fractures and many other conditions and illnesses. The FDA has cleared this device in the year 2007. Later as unscrupulous medical practitioners started advertising the pemf mat for unapproved uses like spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy, the FDA was compelled to warn some manufactures against unapproved use. Let us examine some important and surprising aspects about this new treatment method.

  1. How does the pemf mat work on our body? The pemf mat works on our body helping the body to speed up its recovery process. It helps to efficiently restore the capabilities of human cells thereby relieving the pain in our body. Our body has trillions of minuscule cells that make up our organs, bones and the skin. A healthy cell has both negative and positive charges that are necessary for exchanging sodium, calcium and potassium. Human cells can lose their ability to function properly because of various reasons like diseases, trauma, toxins in the cells etc. The radiation from pemf mat has been found to be useful in allowing the cells to speed up its recovery process and improve its functioning.
  2. The pemf mat has different frequencies: The frequency of a pemf mat is different from that of another pemf mat. Everybody needs a special frequency and only radiation of that frequency can reduce his pain and be beneficial to him. So each pemf mat has its own frequency ranges and one has to select the right one suitable for his needs.
  3. Electricity is used by the human body to send signals: Outside of a human cell is positively charged whereas its inside carries negative charge. When the flow of charges takes place across the membrane of a cell from its positive side to its negative side, an electric current is created. Disruptions in this normal electric current in our body are the causes for many illnesses and diseases. Radiation from the pemf mat has been found to be very good for bringing back the natural state in human cells and to restore the cells to its original state.
  4. The pemf mat waves are 100 % safe:  We see that waves like X-rays are dangerous whereas the pemf mat radiation is not so as it possesses wave frequencies which are safe. This radiation has been found to be completely safe and they do not have any side effects on humans. 
  5. The pemf mat has been in use for over 60 years: The research conducted by the Columbia University regarding the effects produced by magnetic radiation on human cells has been encouraged by NASA and subsequently it was approved by FDA in 1979. However, pemf mat was in use for the last more than 60 years. It has again started to gather much attention in the US as it has achieved considerable success when precise frequencies were used for managing the pain related to the joints and bone fracturing.
  6.  The pemf therapy was used by NASA: NASA wanted to use pemf mat for helping astronauts to overcome bone loss, depression, fatigue and similar other symptoms common to space travellers. The scientists have discovered that going outside earth’s magnetic field is the reason for many of these symptoms shown by their astronauts. NASA has researched on this matter for four years and found that pemf mat therapy can be useful in overcoming many of the shortcomings of astronauts which are pointed out above and to encourage the growth and repair of human tissues.
  7. Pemf machines were originally used in Europe: The basic form of the modern pemf mat was created by Nikola Tesla.  However, its first commercial product was released in the Czech Republic. By the year 1980 it appeared in Hungary and by the year 1990 it spread all over Europe.

Conclusion: There are many interesting facts about the pemf mat. They have proven to be extremely helpful in relieving pain and it is becoming more and more popular as more and more people are beginning to get relief from their pain and the connected disadvantages.  There are many companies engaged in the manufacture of pemf mat and some companies are marketing lightweight, small and portable pemf mat which are increasing its popularity to a great extent. The present generation of pemf mat is more affordable and easy to use.

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