Personalised Photogifts Made Easy By Photojaanic

I came across this amazing app called Photojaanic they make photobooks and print pictures. The platform also creates photo framed pictures for home decor but what caught my eye on the app was their photo magnets section.

I needed a personalized keepsake and a forever memory to gift my husband on his birthday. Luckily, I stumbled upon Photojaanic. I got these amazing photo magnets featuring treasured moment I have shared with my loving family.

Personalised Photogifts Made Easy By Photojaanic

The app is rather easy to use. I just had to install the app which took a few seconds. Afterwards, I went ahead with my signup and order process.

The best thing about Photojaanic app, is that it connects with your Facebook and Instagram account. You can easily fetch your pictures from your social media accounts. That’s 10/10 for ease of use!

Personalised Photogifts Made Easy By PhotojaanicPersonalised Photogifts Made Easy By Photojaanic

The app also offers you exclusive deals. Apart from purchasing some magnets for my husband I also availed the free poster deal. It was a total win-win for me.

The Photojaanic app is user-friendly and ad-free.

They have 4 different categories – Photobooks, Prints, Home Decor and Photo Magnets, all available in different sizes and prices.


I specifically wanted to design photo magnets so I clicked on the option. Two different sizes are available – 2.3*2.3 and the other is 3.5*3.5. I selected 3.5 size photo magnets. Then the option of image selection emerges. You can choose your pictures either from your gallery or from any social media site.

Personalised Photogifts Made Easy By Photojaanic

I selected the picture I wanted and went ahead with the checkout process. You can either do card payment or cash on delivery thankfully both the options are available. The delivery was quick and the app scores aces in my book!

I am really happy that I was introduced to Photojaanic. The wonderful app has made it possible for me to cherish my memories in a beautiful way. The magnets are of excellent quality. They are lightweight and are made of flexible material (soft to touch too!). The print quality is supreme.

I blatantly recommend Photojaanic to all my friends including my online connections. Check out the app today and share your experience in comments!

Ready, steady, click and ORDER!

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