Four Ways to Become More Productive

Four Ways to Become More Productive

If you’re working in an office, you just can’t escape the productivity race. It’s become like some sort of “if I do this many tasks, I’ll get a promotion” or “I’ll only feel productive if I do this, this, and this”.

And while doing more can make us feel more productive, things aren’t necessarily intertwined. Often doing work in a smarter, more sophisticated way can make us twice more productive, organized, and satisfied with our work.

We decided to write something that stems out of our knowledge on the topic of productivity and is something that we’ve tried, failed, and tried again until we found the true secret to being successful.

Four Ways to Become More Productive

 Every night structure your day ahead with clear goals and tasks.

Structuring your day to day can help you tremendously, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Let’s say you’re changing jobs and the transitioning period is making it hard on you. Or you’re looking for a new job and trying to find a recruiter with a “recruiter near me” doesn’t necessarily cut it.

Before you go to bed make sure you structure your to-do from most important to least important. On top of that, block time in your calendar which will let you focus on doing the work.

Take into consideration meetings and brakes and try to structure your workflow around everything else that you can’t control.

Set aside 10 minutes every couple of hours to rest, stretch, and just disconnect from work.

Work two hours and let your brain rest for ten minutes. This break from the hustle and bustle is proven to help your mind disconnect, ease-out, and perform better when you get back to work.

It would also be great if you go the extra step and block the time in your calendar. Don’t leave your rest as something floating in your schedule, but rather make it something that doesn’t get negotiated or changed throughout the day.

Find your flow and see if you can adjust your work schedule accordingly.

Let’s say you write all day for a living, but you don’t necessarily feel your creative juices flowing in the morning, or the afternoon.

You write best at night.

Well, if you’re working distantly, or if you’re self-employed, adjust your schedule to right during the night, when you’re feeling most inspired. Finding your flow requires time and self-awareness, but once you find it, you’re bound to be super productive.

Focus on doing the tasks most people depend on first, then the other stuff.

The last tip is something that most people don’t understand. Try and do the tasks that most people depend on first. Let’s say that you’ve got an article to approve so the designers can start working on visuals, and the social media team can schedule posts, and project managers have to wrap up the work on the project.

That makes it three different teams waiting for you to do an hour of work tops. So focus on doing tasks that most people depend on most first, and then do tasks with a smaller impact.

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