Professional Dressing Tips Because – WINTER IS COMING

The winters can sometimes turn out to be a big challenge – especially when you are trying to look debonair with your Professional Dressing and at the same time you don’t want to freeze to death!

WINTER IS COMING yet you need not worry anymore; coz we have put together some tips to help you out with this frosty fashion-dilemma:

Layering is better than covering

To keep yourself warm in winters, layering is an absolute must. However, there is a distinct line between layering and covering and you need to differentiate between them wisely otherwise, you will end up wrapped in clothes in a manner where you would not be able to move freely, let alone work. So, the first thing to remember for dressing professionally in winters is to find the correct balance and layer yourself elegantly.

Choose your layers smartly

Now, when you know the importance of layering, it is equally important to find that perfect balance for your layers to feel comfortable as well as warm.

And: A plain undershirt, followed by a formal shirt and a simple yet classy looking sweater/jacket or coat is the perfect way to go.  “Don’t forget the tie.”

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Sweaters over jackets – any day!

For those freezing weekdays at the office, a classy yet stylish sweater should be a great choice over jackets. Chic colors like plain blue, black or gray can prove to be the ultimate saviors in these chilled mornings.

You can always compliment your look with a good overcoat or blazer. Going for a sleeveless sweater and a warm blazer can also prove to be an ultimate Professional Dressing choice.   

Professional Dressing Tips Because – WINTER IS COMING

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Accessorize yourself smartly

Accessories are the key to complete an on-trend professional look. But you need to select your gloves, caps and scarves smartly, so they complement your dress and add value to your overall personality. 

Professional Dressing Tips Because – WINTER IS COMING

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Wrapping up!

While there’s no denying that winter is coming, you are more than ready to fight the chill with these handy Professional Dressing tips.  Get your sweaters and scarves out of the closet and face the winter work days with an energetic soul and a warm & positive outlook. And, if the urge to go too casual comes anywhere near your mind – fight it and fight it hard cause if you want to feel empowered, you’ve got to dress in something empowering too.

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