How Can Psychotherapy Help in Dealing with Stress and Depression


Colorado Springs stands at the 78th position among 182 happiest cities in the country, based on the factor of emotional well-being.

With the total population of over 470,000, about 7% of the adult population suffers from depression and stress. Recent studies show that nearly 40% of them get successfully treated with psychotherapy in Colorado Springs.

What is Psychotherapy?

Also referred to as talking therapy, psychological treatment involves talking about your thoughts and feelings with a qualified therapist.

There are 11 walk-in centers called Crisis Stabilization Units, across Colorado, with two in Colorado Springs. These centers allow people in crisis to connect with a mental health provider. Last year, these centers had over 30,000 visitors, with over 20% from Colorado Springs.

During the therapy sessions, you can:

  • Better understand your behavior.
  • Confirm the possibility of mental illness.
  • Improve your quality of life.

Why Get Psychotherapy?

Studies show that psychotherapy works very well for behavioral conditions and remedial for all age groups, including adolescents. The therapy has proven to be beneficial for mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and OCD. Also, it aids people to deal with stress successfully.

Though treatment is time-consuming, the positive outcomes are quite useful over time. About 380,000 Coloradans need access to mental healthcare. Nearly 12% of this fraction is from Colorado Springs, seeking the aid of psychotherapy to deal with depression.

Psychotherapy for Depression and Stress

Over the past decade, nearly 26% of 100,000 residents suffering from depression have committed suicide in the city. One primary reason is Colorado’s high altitude. Oxygen deprivation worsens depressive symptoms. Further, a substantial increase in unemployment also creates anxiety, with the city facing nearly 9.7% unemployment.

Even being upset due to an unexpected setback or mourning the death of a loved one, can cause stress and depression. In such cases, psychotherapy treatment depends on emotional support and trust. Effective psychotherapy in Colorado Springsoffers you a comfortable setting to heal.

This therapy can help you treat major depressive disorders and seasonal affective disorder that you may face during colder months. In the case of stress, qualified therapists determine the causes of stress. Accordingly, they formulate their strategies to improve your quality of life.

Psychotherapy Tools

The specialized psychotherapists in this city offer tools, such as EMDR, art therapy, mindfulness, and cognitive behavior therapies.

Treatments, such as EMDR, help reduce your triggers, especially for those in military services. The tool enables you to recollect your good memories and restores hope by overcoming negative thoughts.

Qualified Psychotherapists

The qualified psychotherapists in Colorado Springs register with the State of Colorado for the practice of psychotherapy. They take the jurisprudence test on Colorado Mental Health Law and get screened for any prior criminal offenses.

Also, they adhere to the state’s mandatory disclosure guidelines with clients and HIPAA privacy requirements with client records. Besides, the RPs do not pursue the activities mentioned in CO Rev Stat § 12-43-222 (2016).

Colorado Springs claims 6% of the state-federal grant of about $60 million for providing behavioral health specialists. The city offers some of the best psychotherapists. It would be best if you found the best suitable therapist to help you deal with depression and stress.

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