Shaantam Resort (Rishikesh) – Detox In The Lap Of Nature

Shaantam Resort (Rishikesh)

Shaantam – the word in itself signifies stillness and tranquility. The old adage says it perfectly, nature heals all. The modern world has turned into a morass of stress and frustration. Jobs are demanding and the rat race never stops. Slowly the human mind gets jaded and tired, ready to give up. With stress as a constant companion, the vast concrete jungles we live in dulls our energy. We need to take a step back and refresh ourselves to be able to continue with the hectic pace.

Renergizing in the YOGA CAPITAL of the world 

Rishikesh has long been hailed as the yoga retreat of the global traveler. The holy city is the spot where world weary travelers come together to watch the ethereal Ganga Aarti and take holy dips in the sacred river. The religious sentiments aside, the essence of spirituality is stamped into the very air of the city. The sadhus rub shoulders with yoga practitioners, massage therapists, and fun loving tourists.

The steady and reassuring hum of the fast paced river is mesmerizing and creates an atmosphere of peace and meditation. The resort offers a Spa facility that soothes the body. Nature heals the mind and spirit and meditation brings all the aspects together.

Shaantam Resort (Rishikesh)

Nature in its raw form

Where the mind finds peace is where the spirit rejuvenates. The calm and serene environment with spectacular views renews the faith of the visitor in the beauty of nature. Vivid sunrises and sunsets where myriad shades of color are splashed across the mountains and echoed on the waters fill the mind with a sense of wonder.

Family bonds are strengthened and the cares of daily living are washed away when you raft down the Ganga. Your heart is filled with joy and the spirit with freedom. Your commune with nature completely detoxifies your soul and readies you for the ring once more. You crave the peace and calm time and again find all this and more at Shaantam the peaceful resort on the way from Rishikesh to Neelkanth.

Come and find yourself at Shaantam!

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