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Rise of Inspiring achievers

A human is made more humane by rigorous exercises and experiences in his or her life. The more a person goes through the trying times, the more experiences he or she collects. More importantly, it is that person’s willingness to tackle that situation successfully and without harming others that matters the most. To focus on winning is important, but without hurting or harming anybody, including oneself.  Let’s question some points of life.

Coming to the point, why I’ am talking about the rise of an able human, and the rise of an inspiring achiever? It’s because only an able human can help, inspire and encourage other humans to live to righteousness. Now if you ask what righteousness is, then to understand it, go back to the beginning of your life, when you were taught the moral science lessons at home and at the school – not to hurt anybody, not to think evil of others, for winning not to choose a wrong path, etc. This last lesson is very important – to win, but with the best and the right method. However, choosing the path of righteousness is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of courage to choose it and to work on it. To decide to choose this path of righteousness is itself a struggle and another struggle is to work upon it until the end.

This struggle of a human makes him or her “rise as an able human, an inspiring achiever.”  The courage that this human shows gives hope to many. That person himself/herself becomes a hope for many others, who are suffering or are in dilemma as to which path to choose in life. That is why it is mentioned above that it is important to talk about the rise of an able human because only an able human can inspire, encourage and help others. Don’t you feel that the nicest feeling comes into your heart when somebody helps you out of compassion when everybody else around you has left you in the middle of the way?

Inspiring Achievers:

Three things matter the most when it comes to applying the habits of such able people in your own life – first of all, its own determination to choose the best and the righteous path, the second is how well you imbibe the correct teachings and habits of the right people, and the third is how well you make efforts to give your best wherever you are present. To compassionately work for the society is not as easy as it seems. But the able humans make the impossible as possible. They work tirelessly for the sake of the good of the society, in fact, for the good of the humanity.

But how does this “able human rise”? And how does the human become able? For understanding these points, look at the fine examples of peoples’ victories. An actress named “Sudha Chandran” lost a leg at the age of 17. The fatal accident made her confined to the bed. People would come to her and fill her with sympathetic statements like “Ohh, you can’t fulfil your dreams now, we wish you could dance.” her throbbing heart determined not to get defeated such a feeling. She mentally prepared herself to re-learn dance. After some years of living with an amputated leg, she finally got Jaipur foot placed as her new leg. This leg helped her in achieving her dreams as a dancer. And she hasn’t only travelled all around the world for her classical dance performances but has been working as a prominent actress.

 Inspiring achiever

There are other victors like Mrs. Sudha Chandran. The readers must have read and heard the names of Arunima Sinha, who climbed the Everest in her quest to attain victory irrespective of the fact that her leg had been amputated. She has conquered her loss by winning over the major peaks of the world. Who can say that she has lost her leg? Now, look at Dr. Stephen Hawkings. He suffers from a rare disease called motor neuron disease, who cannot speak without the help of a synthesizer, whose legs and hands are paralyzed. But he rules the world of science and Maths. Despite such a challenging life state, he attended the Oxford University an undergraduate and completed his Ph.D. from the Cambridge. He is the first Gravitational Physics Professor of Cambridge and received the award of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. What else can beat the spirit of this man when even the direst circumstances could not hold him back? Even the disease would have been crying on its fate that how come it happen to this man of valour.

 Inspiring achiever

The life throbbing out of the lives of such lively people makes my heart pound even more and I work like a horse until I reach my goal. The list of such victorious people is endless. If do not believe this statement, please check on Google. You will complete lists of people who got disabled physically at some point in their lives, but their spirits were not disabled. Neither the spirit nor the determination would require anybody’s sympathy. It just requires your will power.

 Inspiring achiever

The important qualities that all the above-mentioned people have are – abundant patience, sharp focus on their particular goals, the will power to live life fully and vibrantly, the hope to win someday and never get defeated by any trivial loss, the desire to keep moving on despite the problems, the willingness to help others while keeping aside their own difficulties, the faith in oneself to overcome every kind of obstacle , to work for the happiness of people and stand against injustice, to work for the benefit of the humanity and to bring out the highest potential in oneself and become a perfectionist in one’s area of work. Even this list is endless when it comes to the winners of the world who have campaigned and conquered over the toughest phases of their lives. One more thing not to be missed is strong prayers. Prayers work miraculously and mystically which can be experienced only through one’s own prayers.

These and many other qualities make the human “an able human, an inspiring achiever.” The rise of the able human begins when the fortune starts pouring on him or her. That fortune is earned with great efforts by working and thinking for the people, for the larger interest of the society. So let’s follow up the path where we together take great strides, collect our good fortune, and grow by leaps and bounds and our lives. Let’s see the new horizon together, a horizon of hope, humanity, and justice.

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