10 Reasons Why Young People Should Spend Some Time Outdoors

spending time outdoors

The rapid advancement of technology has made most aspects of our lives easier. You don’t need to go out to shop or pay your bills. You can shop online and pay your bills using your mobile phone. You can work inside your house with your pajamas and slippers on.

Everything is so easy today that most people don’t walk out of the house unless they are needed somewhere urgently. This is especially true for young people. Majority of them spend hours on their phones and watching TV while consuming junk food. This is not a healthy lifestyle.

I can say this because I was once a couch potato. Spending some time outdoors every day has changed my life for the better. Here are ten reasons why you should start spending some time outdoors.

1.      It improves your mental health

Anxiety and depression are mental health issues that are affecting students today like never before. The pressure from school, social media platforms, family and friends is increasing every single day.

Students are mainly controlled and affected by their self-image and what other people say about them. To avoid falling into depression, it’s time to put your gadgets away and spend some time outside. Going for a nature walk will help you connect with yourself at a deeper level.

2.      Your eyes deserve it

As we’ve discussed earlier, majority of students are spending countless hours staring at screens which is quite unhealthy for the eyes. Giving your eyes a break from artificial lighting will help your eyes recover and get healthier.

3.      Good for your memory and attention

Research findings show that spending some time outdoors will improve your concentration. Breathing in fresh air and feeling the warm rays of the sun will improve your attention. You cannot excel in school if you cannot pay attention or concentrate on what you are studying.

4.      Vitamin D is crucial

Majority of students are not getting enough Vitamin D because they are usually indoors most of the time. Lack of vitamin D results to hair loss, fatigue, muscle pain and general weakness. Spending time in sunlight allows our bodies to absorb vitamin D.

5.      Eliminates stress

Students have a lot of things to do at any one time. They have to complete their assignments on time, prepare for exams, work on projects, participate in extracurricular activities and find time for fun and leisure with friends.

It’s very easy for students to be stressed and frustrated. Taking a walk will reduce your worries and clear your mind.

6.      Improves your sleep

If you struggle to sleep at night, you could be spending most of your time indoors relaxing. How you perform in everything is determined by how well you sleep. Your sleep is determined by your exposure to sunlight. Your sleep cycle will be affected if you spend a lot of time indoors.

7.      Improves your physical health

This is one of the top benefits of moving around outside. Going for a walk, hike, jog or playing outside for fifteen to twenty minutes will greatly improve your health.

Your energy levels will improve dramatically and your body will have the ability to combat obesity, blood pressure and many other diseases. Walking or jogging also strengthens your muscles and bones.

8.      Reflection and clear thinking

The major cause of failure and dissatisfaction in life is acting without thinking or taking your time to reflect. Being busy on the phone or TV all day long doesn’t give you enough time to think and reflect. However, going for a walk or hike will give you the opportunity to think things through and make decisions.

9.      Boosts self confidence

Lack of self-confidence is caused by people not liking or feeling comfortable with themselves. The truth is nobody wants to be associated with a couch potato. People spend most of their time indoors because they don’t like themselves. You cannot succeed in life without self-confidence. It’s time to boost your confidence by going out today.

10. Promotes happiness and well-being

Everything we do is aimed at making us feel good. We want our environment and people around us to be pleasant. With all the benefits of spending outdoors discussed above, you will definitely be joyful and happy most of the time.


Majority of students spend most of their time indoors sucked in other people’s realities. While this is fun and engaging, it poses a great danger to their health and well-being. You cannot excel in school if you are not healthy.

Going out for a walk, hike or a jog will greatly improve your productivity and performance in school or at work. You’ll discover that there is more life outside your house than on your mobile phone or TV. When you have a busy schedule and things start getting out of hand, go for a walk outside. Clarity of mind and focus are essential for your success.

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