5 Ways You Can Prevent Falls and Spinal Injuries

5 Ways You Can Prevent Falls and Spinal Injuries 1

The best way of preventing any risk of falling is to never get up! Of course, this isn’t a practical approach to life. Falling is something that everyone does, the concern is that the fall will leave you with injuries; including damage to your spine.

To many people this can seem implausible, but, the fact is that 50%-60% of falls happen at home and they are now the leading cause of spinal injuries; having overtaken car crashes! You may think this is an age-related thing.

While age does play a part, anyone can fall, it’s how you land and your current physical condition that can make a huge difference to whether you experience spinal injuries or not. *

If you do experience a fall and suspect you have spinal damage or have banged your head you should see a specialist brain surgeon Sydney as soon as possible to get a thorough assessment.

Here are 5 ways to prevent falls and spinal injuries.

5 Ways You Can Prevent Falls and Spinal Injuries 1
  1. Exercise

Exercising regularly is the best way to strengthen your body and help to maintain your balance. This will go a long way to preventing you from falling in the first place.

Ideally, you should exercise for 30 minutes every day; the type of exercise is up to you. You can choose to run, cycle, or simply do tai chi in the park. It is a good idea to do some resistance training to build or maintain your existing muscle mass.

  • Know Your Body

If you already have an illness, weakness, or are taking medication then you should verify what effect this has on you, what imitations you need to observe, and whether it is likely to make you sleepy or dizzy. Any of these things can increase the likelihood of you falling and injuring yourself.

  • Use Safety Devices

Wear rubber-soled shoes, which are flat with good arch support, will help to prevent you from losing your balance when walking around your home or out and about.

Alongside this, if you feel unstable use a stick to help you get around; it’s better than staying at home all the time. You should also carry any trip alarms or other devices that you have been given/purchased; these can help you get the attention you need.

  • Don’t Rush

One of the biggest reasons people trip is because they are rushing to get somewhere. In fact, this is one of the biggest causes of an accident.

It is better to be late than to trip and injure yourself, or simply give yourself a little more time in the first place. It can be hard not to rush when you need to get something done, but it will increase your chances of being injured.

  • Keep Your Eyes Open

You may walk the same route every day but that doesn’t mean it will always be the same; even if it’s the path from your kitchen to the bathroom. You never know when something has been left or fallen into your path.

Keeping your eyes open means checking the ground for obstacles, irregularities, and even new steps. Knowing they are there will help to prevent you from falling.

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