What does it take to stay in the best shape after 65?

As we get older, it is essential to give our bodies extra care for us to stay healthy and fit. The signs of aging manifest in our body, including drooping, sagging, and formation of wrinkles. The skin is the part of the body most affected by aging. But it’s not only about appearance, it is important to stay physically fit.

Regardless of your physical condition or age, it is better to exercise to maintain well-being.

How to overcome obstacles to getting active as you age?

As we get older, many of us doubt if we can still do regular exercise. It may be challenging, but it is necessary. You may experience pains and aches, or other health problems that keep you discouraged from doing exercise. You must overcome those obstacles and start an exercise routine.

You can slow down the exercise routine, but keep on moving. Being active helps relieve stress, energize mood, help manage illness, and enhance overall well-being. It does not mean involving a strenuous workout. As long as you’re active and adding movement to your life, you can boost your health. Overcome those obstacles of aging by getting active as you age.

How to build a balanced exercise plan?

Staying active is the key to improving overall health. Start building an exercise plan of activities following the four key points of fitness.

  •         Balance

It is essential to include balance exercise in your routine. It helps maintain stability while standing, whether moving around or stationary. Posture exercises like yoga and tai chi are good to gain balance and confidence. It would not only improve balance but also posture and the way you walk. Thus, reducing the risks of falls.

  •         Flexibility

Integrate exercise that improves the flexibility of your joints so that you can move freely. Stationary stretches can make the joints and muscles less vulnerable to injury. Yoga also improves flexibility as it keeps the body limber. Keeping your body flexible, you can tie your shoes or play with your grandchildren with ease.

  •         Power training and strength

While getting older, it’s essential to keep the muscles strong by doing strength training. This training helps improve balance, builds muscles and bone mass. It also enhances your speed and stays independent, carrying out daily activities such as lifting objects and others.

  •         Cardio

If you feel shortness of breath, include cardio exercise in your routine. It improves endurance as you walk or do the household chores. Walking, dancing, stair climbing, and cycling are some cardio workouts you can try.

How to get started safely & what is the path to improved well-being?

Getting old should not hinder you from staying fit. In fact, it is necessary to maintain healthy well-being to avoid being sickly. You can create your own exercise routine, but do it safely. 

– Healthy diet

As you plan your exercise routine, do not forget to plan a healthy diet, too. It is significant to set your mood, energy, and fitness. Adults need sufficient protein than younger people to sustain energy levels. Protein is also essential for recovery from injury and illness and improving lean muscle mass. You can get protein from eggs, beans, poultry products, and fish.

– Choose the best exercises for you

As you aim for a balanced exercise routine, consider strength exercise, aerobics, and balance. A combination of strength training and aerobics is best. Do it 20 to 30 minutes a day. Exercising is fun with a buddy such as your spouse, friends, a group, or even your pet.

– Bump up your bone density

Before starting the exercise routine, check your bone density. We know that the bone is more fragile as a person ages. That’s why the common health problem for older people is osteoporosis. The good thing is there is an exercise routine that can strengthen your bones and prevent fractures. Brisk walking, heavy gardening, stair climbing, and moderate resistance weightlifting can improve bone density.

– Walk for heart health

As a person gets older, the energy and endurance decrease and it has something to do with the heart. To improve your heart health, walk a lot and exercise. It does not mean going too hard. Walking for 30 minutes daily for five days will give wonderful rewards.

– Get your brain food

Eating the right brain food is essential to protect our brain. Dementia is common among older people. To prevent such a condition, seniors must choose and consume foods that will nourish the brain. Eating more fish, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and intake of omega-3 fatty acids is good for the brain. Memory care facilities focus on offering senior residents the diet that supports mental health.

– Laugh, lots

The lifestyle is significant to one’s health. Studies show laughing a lot will lengthen the life span. It is because the blood flow to the heart increases is a person is happy. In the same way that the stress hormones decrease and eventually fight infection antibodies. Joining a dance class will make you happy and enjoy yourself. Thus, boosting energy and increasing life expectancy.

– Start slow and build up steadily

As you want to stay fit while getting old, do not forget your safety. Start slowly and build up gradually your activity level. For seniors living in a retirement community, there are fitness centers available where residents can exercise.

– Experiment with mindfulness

As you exercise, observe how your body reacts to the movement. Practicing mindfulness helps to relieve anxiety and stress and improves physical condition.

Bottom Line

Adopting healthy habits is essential as we grow older. It is important to stay active even after retirement. Slouching on the couch most of the time will make your body weak. Thus, look for assisted living facilities that accept pets that can be your walking buddy.


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