Top 28 Stories For Kids In English ECY-1 (Age 2.5 – 3.5 years)

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Stories For Kids In English

Every night when I tuck my son in he insists on listening to bedtime stories for kids. I narrate his favourite stories for kids in English and slowly he drifts into sound sleep. Seeing how much my little one enjoys his bedtime stories I started compiling a list of famous Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Stories For Kids , Children Stories, Children Stories With Morals, English Story For Kids, Fairy Tales, Kids Moral Stories, Moral Stories, Moral Stories For Children, Moral Stories For Kids, Short Stories, Short Stories For Kids, Stories For Kids In English, Very Short Stories For Kids.

Few of these kids moral stories are classic fables and some are modern ones! This amazing collection of best moral stories for kids will keep your children entertained while also instilling a love of reading in them.

Top 28 Stories For Kids In English ECY-1 (Age 2.5 – 3.5 years)

1. What baby bunny wants to become when he grows up

Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Stories For Kids , Children Stories, Children Stories With Morals, English Story For Kids, Fairy Tales, Kids Moral Stories, Moral Stories, Moral Stories For Children, Moral Stories For Kids, Short Stories, Short Stories For Kids, Stories For Kids In English, Very Short Stories For Kids.

Papa bunny tossed baby bunny in the air. “What will you become when you grow up?” he asked.

“He will be a policeman with many badges on his uniform,” said mamma bunny. “He will catch the bad guys and bring justice to people.”

“Oh no, I think he will be a magician,” said papa bunny. “He will wear big hats and do incredible tricks.”

“Why can’t my baby brother be a cowboy?” asked his brother. “Cowboys can ride horses!”

However, the baby bunny didn’t want to be a policeman or a magician or even a cowboy when he grew up. He smiled with joy when the granny bunny said: “He can be anything he wants to be!”

Moral - You can be anything you want to be. As long as you believe in yourself and work hard.

2. Walden-Can

Bedtime Stories For Kids , Children Stories With Morals, English Story For Kids, Fairy Tales, Kids Moral Stories, Moral Stories For Children, Moral Stories For Kids, Short Stories For Kids, Stories For Kids In English, Very Short Stories For Kids

My name is Walden Can and I can do everything!

I can brush my teeth in morning and at night.

I can take a bath and make my cheeks look white.

I can even brush my hair and I do not fight.

Do you know how I became so bright?

Because Walden Can eat peas and plums, broccoli and spinach and everything RIGHT!

Moral - Eating healthy makes you healthy and strong!

3. The Owl who slept in the night

Bedtime Stories For Kids , Children Stories With Morals, English Story For Kids, Fairy Tales, Kids Moral Stories, Moral Stories For Children, Moral Stories For Kids, Short Stories For Kids, Stories For Kids In English, Very Short Stories For Kids

At night, when the whole world goes off to sleep, owls wake up.

One day a curious little owl made a decision to stay awake all day, instead of night.

And so he did.

When the night came he hid beneath his blankets and covered his ears so he won’t hear his friends playing.

He waited and waited till he was sure that all the other owls are ready for bed.

At dawn, he emerged from his hidey-hole and discovered a world full of colours!

He stood mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

But when the night-time came around again, the little owl knew that the stars above his head are the most dazzling sight of all.

Moral - Happiness is being content with what you have!

4. Wendy’s wonderful web

Bedtime Stories For Kids , Children Stories With Morals, English Story For Kids, Fairy Tales, Kids Moral Stories, Moral Stories For Children, Moral Stories For Kids, Short Stories For Kids, Stories For Kids In English, Very Short Stories For Kids

Wendy the spider wished that she could spin a perfect web just like his friends.

But her webs weren’t perfect.

They were wibbly-wobbly.

When the wind blew, Windy’s web was the first one to be blown away.

Determined, she started making a small web one morning, in the shape of a triangle.

Whoosh went the wind and the web was blown away.

Windy didn’t give up, she made another web, this time in the shape of a square.

Whoosh went the wind and the web was blown away.

Windy sighed and made a longer web in the shape of a circle.

Whoosh went the wind and the web was blown away.

At last, it dawned upon her; why not use all the shapes in my web? Excited she started spinning a wonderful web.

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh went the wind but Wendy’s web stayed strong!

Moral - Determination is the key to success!

5. Peter penguin’s bad mood

Bedtime Stories For Kids , Children Stories With Morals, English Story For Kids, Fairy Tales, Kids Moral Stories, Moral Stories For Children, Moral Stories For Kids, Short Stories For Kids, Stories For Kids In English, Very Short Stories For Kids

Peter was a grumpy penguin who was always in a very bad mood.

He took off his grumpy coat and threw away his grumpy hat. But he was still grumpy.

He tried to read a book. But he was still grumpy.

He took off his grumpy shirt and threw away is grumpy socks. But he was still grumpy.

One, two, three. SPLASH!!!!!!

In he went into the nice and cold water. He played with his ducky in the tub.

And little by little he was no longer grumpy.

As Peter Penguin fell asleep, he knew tomorrow would be a wonderful day because all his grumpiness had been washed away!

Moral - Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy!

6. The lonely rainbow fish


The Rainbow Fish was the most beautiful fish in the ocean. She had shiny scales in red, green and blue.

One day a little blue fish asked her for a shiny scale.

“Get away from me,” said the proud Rainbow Fish.

The little blue fish got very upset and told all the other fish.

From that day on all the other fish wanted nothing to do with the Rainbow Fish.

The Rainbow Fish was lonely and sad so she went to the wise old octopus and asked for advice.

The wise old octopus said “Go back to your friends and give each one of them a shiny scale. You won’t be the most beautiful fish in the ocean but you will be happy to have friends.”

The Rainbow Fish went back and gave the little blue fish and all the other fish a shiny scale and from that day on the Rainbow Fish had best friends.

Moral - When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed!

7. Harry and the purple crayon


Harry was very imaginative.

One day he decided to go for a walk and he took his favourite purple crayon with him.

He drew the moon and the moon started following him in his path as he continued his walk.

Along the road he drew his favourite tree with his purple crayon, moving a little further he drew a beautiful sea with a boat to sail.

When Harry reached the shore, he wanted to go back home.

So he drew the window to his bedroom, he drew and drew but none of them matched the windows in his bedroom.

Harry was unable to find his window.

Suddenly, he remembered- “Oh!!  My bedroom’s window is where I drew the moon!”

So he drew the window around the moon and he finally reached his home.

Moral – Be patient when problems arise and focus on the solutions not the problems!

8. Happy birthday, moon

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One day Mr. Bear looked up at the moon and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to give the moon a birthday present.

But he didn’t know the moon’s birthday, so he climbed up the tree and asked- “hello moon!!” But the moon didn’t reply.

“Maybe he is too far away!”- said the bear.

So he paddled across the river and hiked through the forest and mountains. He felt much closer to the moon and so he shouted- “When is your birthday?”

The voice echoed and the moon replied- “when is your birthday?”

The bear replied- “its tomorrow.”

The moon replied- “its tomorrow.”

The bear was happy so he asked: “what do you want?” And the moon replied- ‘What do you want?’

 The bear said – “I want a hat” and the moon replied- “I want a hat”.

Oh goody! The bear thought. Now I know what to get for the moon.

The bear said “I love you” and the moon replied “l love you too” and they both became the best friends forever while wishing one another Happy Birthday!

Moral – Giving with a good heart, will never go unrewarded!

9. The Ant and the Dove


One hot day, an ant was searching for some water.

She came to a spring, but to reach it she had to climb up a blade of grass.

While making her way up, she slipped and fell into the water.

A dove sitting on the nearby tree saw her and quickly plucked a leaf and dropped it into the water to save the drowning ant.

The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed up onto it. Soon she reached the dry ground and was safe at last.

Just at that time, a hunter nearby was about to throw his net over the dove, hoping to trap it.

The ant saw this and quickly bit him on the heel.

Feeling the pain, the hunter dropped his net and the dove flew away to safety.

Moral – One good turn begets another.

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10. Foxy talks to the cave


Foxy Fox lived in a cave.

One day when she came back to the cave after hunting for food she observed something strange. Foxy Fox saw a set of large footprints going into the cave and none coming out.

“Some huge animal must be inside,” “Oh dear! What shall I do now?”  she thought.

Suddenly, Foxy Fox had a clever idea, she shouted, “Hello there, cave. How have you been today? I am back,” shouted out Foxy pretending to be talking to the cave.

Lio Lion was inside the cave. Surprised he thought, “I didn’t know that caves could talk.”

Outside, Foxy Fox shouted again, “Hey cave, aren’t you going to welcome me today?”.

Lio Lion got worried. He didn’t want to lose his dinner. “Hello there, welcome back home,” roared Lio Lion.

Foxy heard this and her suspicions were confirmed. She turned around and ran away as fast as she could.

Moral - By being alert and keeping his wits about him, Foxy was able to survive!

11. The Ant and the Grasshopper

An ant and a grasshopper lived in a garden. They were very good friends.

It was springtime and the grasshopper was having a lot of fun playing, singing, and dancing in the sun.

But the ant was busy collecting food grains and storing them in its house.

The grasshopper said to the ant, “Hey,’ Ant! Why don’t you come outside and play with me?”

The ant replied, “I can’t. I am storing food for the winter when there won’t be anything to eat!”

The grasshopper laughed at the ant and said, “Why are you worrying now? Winter won’t come for long!”

Finally, when winter came, the grasshopper did not have a single grain of food to eat. It began to starve and feel very weak.

The grasshopper saw how the hardworking ant had plenty of food to eat and realized its foolishness.

Moral - Hard work never gets wasted it pays off today or tomorrow!

12. The bird who couldn’t sing

Mama bird sang good morning and all the baby birds sang back except the youngest baby bird who could only sing off key.

He tried and tried but no pretty song came out. Days went by but he still could not sing like his brothers or sisters.

Then came the day when the birds had to leave the nest for the flying lessons. Baby bird got lost flying around and his brothers and sisters were nowhere in sight.

He flew and flew over many towns and along his way heard many wonderful sounds.

A kitty purring, a puppy barking, a cow moaning, a duck quacking, a piggy oinking.

Baby bird realized it was okay to sing off key. He didn’t have to sound like everyone else.

Baby bird thought to himself – “Everyone is different and that’s what makes each one of us so very special!”

Moral - We're all unique, just never in the ways we imagine!

13. Don’t push the button

Hi, my name is Larry.

Welcome to my story.

There’s only one rule here – Don’t push the button!

Don’t even think about it.

It does look pretty nice though, maybe you should give the button one little push!

Ah! Now I’m yellow. Push it again!

Eww!  Now I’m yellow AND pink. Push it twice!

Now there’s two of me, push it a bunch of times

Uh-oh! Now there’s hundreds of Larry!

Shake the book to get rid of all the extra Larry’s!!!

Okay, now scratch Larry’s tummy to get him back to normal.

Hehe! That tickles! Okay, much better. Let’s NOT push the button again!

Moral - Don't get encouraged to do something that you're not supposed to do!

13. The rooster and the fox

There lived a clever fox in a forest. Once, he was searching for food. Suddenly, he spotted a fine, fat rooster seated on the branch of a very high tree.

The fox could not climb up the tree to catch the rooster, so he asked the rooster politely, “Dear friend, why are you sitting so high on the tree? Don’t you know that the king of the forest has forbidden all the animals from killing one another? ”

The rooster sensed something was fishy. He asked, “Does that mean that the lion would begin feeding on grass now?”

The fox said, “Let us go to the King and ask for the clarification.”

The rooster was intelligent. He said, “Why don’t we take some friends along with us? I can see a large number of hounds approaching this way.”

“Hounds!” the fox yelled in panic. He started running for his precious life.

The rooster laughed at the fox’s evil plan. All the birds sitting on the tree cheered the rooster’s intelligence.

Moral - Beware of a sudden offer of friendship!

14. The power of prayers

In a small village, there lived a young boy named Fred. He had a cute little puppy and he called him Timmy.

Every day he played with Timmy and Timmy followed him everywhere.

One morning, Fred woke up to find Timmy missing. He searched the kennel, his house, and the neighbourhood, but couldn’t find Timmy.

Fred became sad and wept. His mother told him, “Pray to God, my dear. God listens to children’s prayers and will bring back Timmy.”

So, Fred prayed to God. “Dear God, I love Timmy. Please bring him back home safe.”

The next day, Fred went to search for Timmy in their neighbourhood. He found Timmy behind a bush, fast asleep. The little puppy saw Timmy and barked happily.

Fred and Timmy went back home hopping. He told everyone how God answered his prayer.

Moral: God always answers your prayers!

15. The boy who cried wolf

Once there was a shepherd boy who had to look after a flock of sheep.

One day, he felt bored and decided to play a trick on the villagers. He shouted, “Help! Wolf! Wolf!”

The villagers heard his cries and rushed to help him. When they reached him, they asked,

“Where is the wolf?”

The shepherd boy laughed loudly, “Ha, Ha, Ha! I fooled you all..”

A few days later, the shepherd boy played this trick again.

Again the villagers found that the boy had tricked them.

Sometime later, a wolf went into the field and started attacking the sheep.

The shepherd boy ran towards the village shouting, “Help! Help! Wolf! Help! Somebody!”

The villagers heard his cries but they laughed because they thought it was another trick.

Moral: We may not believe someone who often tells lies, even when he tells the truth!

16. Two fighting cats and a monkey

One day two cats found a loaf of bread. Both wanted the bread so they started fighting.

Along came a monkey. “Why are you fighting?” he questioned.

The cats snarled, “We are fighting because both of us want to eat the bread.”

“Why don’t you cut it in half?” asked the monkey.

 “We don’t want the other one to get more, so we are not able to share it.” answered the cats.

“All right,” said the monkey, “I’ll cut it in half for you.”

The monkey tore the loaf into two but one bit appeared slightly bigger, “let me get them to the same size,” he said and ate a little from the bigger piece. Then the other part looked bigger, and so he ate a bit of it too.

The fighting cats didn’t realize that the clever monkey ate the entire loaf.

Moral: When two people fight the third one always gets the profit!

17. The rooster and the jewel

A hungry rooster hadn’t eaten in days.

He was scratching and digging in the dirt trying to find some food.

He scratched and dug and finally, a beautiful jewel emerged.

He was amazed at how the gemstone glittered.

“This is a very fine and beautiful thing,” he thought, “but I would rather have one tasty kernel of corn instead.”

Moral: What is a treasure for one may be worthless to another.

18. Two men and the bear

Two men were strolling down a forest path when they came across a bear.

One man scampered up a tree and escaped the bear’s claws.

The other man knew there was nothing he could do, so he dropped to the ground and played dead.

The bear went up to the man and sniffed about his ears. He pawed at him a few times. Thinking the man was dead, the bear walked away.

After the bear left, his friend came down from the tree.

“What did the bear say to you, friend, when he whispered in your ear?” asked his friend.

“Oh!” answered his friend, “He just told me that I should think twice before travelling with friends who leave you alone in times of trouble.”

Moral: Friendship is tested in times of trouble.

19. The peacock’s complaint

A peacock was very unhappy with his ugly voice, and he spent most of his days complaining about it.

“It is true that you cannot sing,” said the fox, “But look how beautiful you are!”

“Oh, but what good is all this beauty,” moaned the dishearten bird, “with such an unpleasant voice!”

“Each one of us has their own special gift.” said the fox.

“You have such beauty, the nightingale has his song, the owl has his eyes, and the eagle his strength. Even if you had an eloquent voice, you would still complain about another thing.” announced the fox.

Moral: Do not envy the gifts of others. Make the most of your own.

20. The wind and the sun

One day the wind and the sun argued over which one was stronger.

They spotted a man travelling on the road and took up a challenge to see which one could remove the coat from the man’s back the quickest.

The wind began by blowing strong gusts of air. The man could barely walk against the strong wind.

But the man clutched his coat tight against him.

The wind blew harder and longer, and the man held his coat against him tighter and firmer.

It was now the sun’s turn.

He gently sent his beams upon the traveller until the man became so warm that he took off his coat and headed for the nearest tree for some shade.

Moral: Gentle persuasion is stronger than force.

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21. The dog and his reflection

A dog was walking home with a large slab of meat, in his mouth.

On his way home, he walked by a river.

Looking in the river, he saw another dog with a handsome chunk of meat in his mouth.

“I want that meat, too,” thought the dog, and he snapped at the dog to grab his meat which caused him to drop his own dinner in the river.

Moral: Too much greed results in nothing.

22. The Frog who won the race

One day, a group of frogs decided to get to the top of a high tower.

 A lot of people came to see them.

Even before the race had begun, everybody was saying that the frogs would not get there “You’ll never reach the top of the tower!” they said.

Little by little, the frogs felt disappointed and discouraged, except for one of them that continued to run.

Everyone cried out, “Give up! Give up! You’ll never get to the top!”

This led all the frogs to abandon the race, except for the one frog that continued to run and finally reached the top.

Astonished, the other frogs wanted to know what his secret was.

And it was then that they found out that… he was deaf!

Moral: Be deaf to discouraging words and always follow your dreams to the end.

23. The proud kite

Once there was a large and proud kite.

The kite soared higher than all the other kites, but it longed to go higher and higher.

It saw the clouds and the birds way above and resented not being able to get up there.

The kite blamed the string for holding it back.

The string was not happy with this situation and thought it was unfair.

One day, the wind was particularly strong. The kite ascended rapidly. Before long, the string hit its limit and the kite rose no more. “Stop holding me back, let go of me!” said the kite.

Well, the string had had enough and it let go.

Without the string attached, the kite dropped to the ground. The kite was badly injured.

And it learned its lesson that it needed the string to fly and was happy ever after.

Moral: Sometimes it’s the things that you think are holding you back are actually responsible for your growth.

24. The Goose with the golden eggs

Once upon a time a man and his wife had a good fortune and they found a goose that laid golden eggs.

But they started being greedy and thought they are not getting rich fast enough.

Being blinded by their greed they imagined if the bird lays the golden egg, she must be made of some precious metal inside so he and his wife decided to cut it open and become the richest people overnight.

However, when they finally killed the goose they were very surprised to see that the goose’s inside was just like any other living animal.

Moral: Your greedy nature can become the reason for your downfall.

25. Cocoon and the butterfly

One day, a man saw a cocoon, he was very fond of butterflies and he knew this cocoon is soon going to be a beautiful butterfly so he decided to watch.

He spent hours watching how the butterfly was struggling and trying hard to come out of the cocoon.

The man couldn’t take the pain the butterfly was going through so he decided to help.

He bought a scissor and made the opening a little bigger so that the butterfly could move out without much struggle!

Unfortunately, the butterfly looked no more beautiful, had withered wings, swollen body, she couldn’t fly anymore.

Although the man wanted to help the butterfly and the process she was going through of struggle would make her a strong and healthy butterfly but it was disturbed in between and she had to suffer the consequences.

Moral: Patience and struggle make us shine.

26. The blind man with a lamp

Once there lived a blind man in a small town.

He always carried a lighted lamp in his hand whenever he went out at night.

On one dark night, he was going with his lighted lamp in his hand. A group of men were passing that way.

They saw the blind man and made fun of him.

They said,” O Blind man why do you carry the lighted lamp. You are blind and cannot see anything?

The blind man politely said, “This lamp is not for me, but for you people who have eyes.

You may not see a blind man coming and push him.

They felt ashamed and begged pardon.

Moral: Think twice before you speak.

27. Bad company

A rich man had only one son.

The son fell into the bad company and developed many bad habits.

Worried about his son, he thought of a plan to mend his habits.

He went to the market and bought some fresh apples and a rotten one.

He came back home and asked his son to put all the apples along with the rotten one in a basket. The son did the same.

After a few days, he asked his son to bring the apples. As he opened the basket he was surprised to note that all the apples had become rotten. He felt sad.

At this, his father told him to see how one rotten apple had spoiled all the rest. In the same way, one bad companion could spoil all others.

The father’s advice had the desired effect. The boy gave up bad com­pany and became good again.

Moral: Better alone than in bad company.

28. Teeth of the elephant

Once a hungry mouse found a nut. He started to bite into it but its cover was hard and thick.

Irritated the mouse prayed aloud to God, “Oh God! Why did you give me such tiny teeth? I have food here but I cannot eat.”

Immediately he heard God’s voice, “Dear Mouse, go and look at the other animals teeth. Whosoever’s teeth you like will be given to you.”

So the mouse went to the forest and saw the elephant. He was impressed by the long, white tusks of the elephant.

The little mouse asked the elephant, “Sir, are you happy with your long beautiful teeth?”

At this, the elephant replied, “Friend, these teeth are just for show. I cannot use them to chew food as you do. At least you don’t have to bear the heavy weight of your teeth.”

Hearing this, the mouse thanked God for giving him the tiny teeth.

Moral: Count your blessings

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