What Are The Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis To Lose Weight?

Table Tennis To Lose Weight

Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis To Lose Weight

Growing up I was an active child who indulged in many sports activities. However, as time passed, I lost touch with my sporty spirit. Once I gave up the court I lost my active side and before I knew it I had turned into a Ms. Lazy Bones. I became a couch potato who spent her days watching TV all day long. Soon this started taking a toll on my health. I started gaining weight and suddenly all my clothes were too tight for me.

My friends and family made me realize how I am hampering my life and health but who can help you until you yourself don’t decide to buckle up! I realized how uncomfortable I was because of all the extra weight and I pushed myself to be physically more active.

One of my friends suggested me that table tennis is the best option to get back in shape while having fun at the same time. The idea seemed appealing and I enrolled myself in a sports club nearby. I have been regularly playing table tennis for 4 months now, and I can see not just my physical health but even my mental health has become more positive. When I started I was weighing 64 kg which was 10 kg above my average weight, table tennis really helped me burn those extra calories and I have lost almost 8 kg in the past 4 months. No doubt, I am more active, focused, disciplined and healthy.

Table Tennis To Lose Weight
First invented in England in the early 20th century, this wonderful sport was popularly known as Ping-Pong. Since then the game has widely increased its admirers across the globe in the in various countries like Denmark, China, Japan, India etc.

Sports activities are best for losing weight and that’s a proven fact. According to the facts, table tennis can burn 270 calories in a 150-pound person, so if you are playing this game for an hour you are probably burning up to 200-400 calories. It also improves your concentration as well as reflexes. This game is a fun and easy way to lose weight. When playing ping pong/table tennis you have to run back and forth in order to save the ball from the edges and getting your perfect shot. Your muscles become very active, your heartbeat and breathing rate increases, this form of cardio can really help you in managing your weight.

The benefits of playing this game are uncountable but the most important part is that it’s a great way of staying active while having fun and improving your health. So, next time when you were offered to play a game of TT, say yes immediately!

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