How To Deal With A Disrespectful And Defiant Teen Who Talks Back

How do you deal with a teenager talking back

The internet has tons of tips on how you can deal with a teenager talking back. It’s crucial to understand why before you get into solving this issue. It’s a combination of many things and the best way to deal with it is by treating the problem from its root.

Why do teenagers talk back?

Teenagers have a lack of identity. As they evolve physically, they’re often victims of an identity crisis. You need to communicate with your child the way you would with an adult. Have a mature discussion about what you can do to make them comfortable. Ensure that you make them feel that they can talk about things in an open way.  A teenager’s attitude is often a reflection of the attitude of the parents in the household. A little personal space and space for growth can help them evolve into a pre-adult.  This can help significantly.

How do you deal with a teenager talking back?

How do you deal with a teenager talking back

It isn’t necessary for you to worry if your child talks back sometimes. You need to give them time and assurance that the things they’re experiencing are normal. Sit your teenager down and have a mature conversation about why is talking back disrespectful.

Peer pressure can be at its strongest, especially at this phase of their life.  Give them talking back examples that you might feel are disrespectful. It’s important for adults to understand that children copy the behaviour of the adults and that change can take a while. It’s important to convey to your teenager that they can always reach out to you and talk to you without having the fear of being judged. Change can take time, but If you’re patient and you deal with it in an open manner, then it can be fruitful.

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