The More You Study, The More You Learn

Reading newspapers and watching various websites and news channels is not enough. You must take note of the major events on a daily basis to give a sharp edge. To make self-assessment practice quiz on current affairs regularly. If you study and practice smart, it gives better results than hard work. You need to devote a certain amount of time to observe, note, and revise current affairs. Read quality content for at least an hour during preparing for various competitive exams. The more you study, the more you learn. The scope is endless.

A panorama of events

Apart from reading daily newspapers, going through quality content like the monthly current affairs quiz pdf is imperative for success in competitive exams. Take notes of what you read and watch to revise daily and monthly quizzes. Revise the notes on a weekly and monthly basis. You need to learn about the exam criteria of the intended competitive exam like educational qualification, age bar, exam curriculum, and pattern of previous questions. Current affairs are not about a single major event but a panorama of events that may be linked or isolated. For instance, Sundar Pichai becomes CEO of Google; this one-liner is not enough about the event. You need to plunge deep into it, what attributes of the man acclaimed such an esteemed position.

Hot and cold media

Newspapers present the news that occurred previously, so the print media is basically cold media. On the other hand, electronic media presents occurring events and information on a real-time basis. Both sources are critical for enriching your awareness of current affairs. The editorial of unbiased newspapers gives insight and analysis of current affairs. The technical and detailed analysis of major geopolitical events with implications helps you in the mains exam of many competitive exams. To have a holistic view of a political or current affair, you must access the different sources of information. Detailed knowledge is essential, as most news media, both electronic and print, have tilted political views. You need to check various sources.

Online mock tests

Print and electronic media present news from their perspective, not from an aspirant`s point of view. So use your wits and be selective about reading the newspaper or watching news channels to get information about current affairs. Take notes of the necessary points. It will help you while revising. Revise the handwritten notes once a week. This refreshes your memory, and this requires less time and concentration. Online mock tests are a good assessment tool to revise your current affairs memory. Quizzes are also playful means to remember current affairs. Time management is crucial for success in competitive exams; if you use time and resources wisely, you can crack the exams with flying colors. 

Every student has a different memory retention capacity, but practice gives optimal results. Some students like to read quality content such as monthly current affairs quiz pdf; others love to watch videos over social media as a source of current affairs. For some, visual retention is better than text retention; for others, the latter is more effective.


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