How Much Do Therapists Make Working From Home?

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The practice of therapy has evolved alongside technology, and nowadays, it has become so reliable that it can be done effectively at home. Online therapy has become a popular method of mental health treatment for both clients and clinicians, and for the latter, counselors and therapists are enjoying its benefits, including greater control of their income. This article will discuss the potential earnings you can make from home and how you can get started.

Online Vs. Offline: Is There A Difference In Income?

Aside from the ability to help others and change lives, many people who become licensed therapists are also motivated by the income they can earn by doing so.

In the United States, the average annual salary for a therapist is almost $70,000 per year, which equates to around $33 an hour. However, some people may earn more or less than this, and it’s not rare for therapists to touch the six-figure mark.

However, the statistics that are available are usually about therapists who primarily do in-person sessions, especially those who run private practices.

In some ways, it can be important to distinguish between the two because online therapy can make a significant difference in how much take-home pay a therapist receives.

For example, by working at home, you can save a lot of money by not having to rent an extra location for your business, nor do you need to commute to said business – your therapy business is at your home, and this can be advantageous compared to those who work mainly offline.

Rent can cost thousands of dollars each year, which means you need to earn more revenue to truly have a net profit around the national average of $70,000. When you factor in transportation costs, like gas, and possibly paying for additional employees who handle the paperwork at a private practice, the expenses can add up quickly.

Luckily, online services like BetterHelp, allow you to maximize your earnings by helping you avoid these expenses and other administrative duties like billing and insurance, which lets you focus on really what matters most – counseling clients.

How Can I Work From Home With BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is a platform that allows licensed counselors and therapists to connect with thousands of potential clients that sign up every day.

Getting started on practicing therapy from home begins with an application, and from there, you will undergo a process that assesses your skills, not only in how you can provide therapy to your future clients but also in regards to your technical abilities, which matters in the overall client experience.

You will want to have reliable and up-to-date internet and devices set up at your home in order to do this, and some of the most common ways clients want to communicate with their counselors are through voice, text, and of course, video chatting, since this is what helps online therapy provide a similar face-to-face experience that people are familiar with.

Nonetheless, outside of the usual live sessions that you’ll have, there is an asynchronous component to online therapy, where you will be required to communicate with your client, usually in the form of long emails.

At BetterHelp, you aren’t paid hourly, but rather, you will be compensated based on your performance with your clients, and this includes the aforementioned asynchronous messaging aspect that can occur anytime.

Those who earn several thousands of dollars each month on BetterHelp and be the most successful on the platform are always building their caseload by accepting new clients and providing the best service possible to them, which builds rapport and a great reputation on BetterHelp.

To apply today and learn how much you can earn through BetterHelp, click here.


If you’re a therapist and you’ve been looking to work from home, online therapy can be the next step for you. Once you are approved and pass the probationary period, you’re in full control of your income and can earn more than ever before.

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