Things Every Student Should Do at Least Once in a Lifetime

Have you just started your journey as a student or are you about to finish it? Whichever answer you got, it is never too late to complete a college bucket list! Before you get into the adult world and stop being a student, do some things that will mark your student days for years to come.

If you don’t have an idea of what you can do, here is a list to choose from:

1. Go on a Road Trip

You have surely planned to go on a road trip at least once. Before you finish school, grab nothing but your car keys, some essentials and some money, and pack up your car. A road trip with friends is an unforgettable experience that you probably won’t have a chance to re-visit again in future.

2. Stay with Friends on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with your family – or at least that’s what every parent says. You should definitely visit them but for once, stay with your friends for this great Holiday. Play those Friends Thanksgiving episodes and have some quality time you will never forget.

3. Try Doing a Keg Stand or Beer Pong

Of course, this will result in a huge hangover if you do everything at once, so you don’t have to try everything on one party. But you should definitely try something at least once before you finish school.

4. Fall in Love with the Wrong Person

Just for once – get out of your love comfort zone. ‘’Fall in love with someone you like, but think is a bad choice for you. Get that bad guy or nerdy girl you find attractive. Who knows, maybe the wrong person will turn out to be the one’’ – advices Rebecca Farce, content writer at writing service.

5. Play Roommate Roulette

Have you heard of roommate roulette? Set a roommate up with someone and let them set you up, too. Go on a blind date for the very first time – and with someone your roommate thinks that suits you.

6. Dye Your Hair a Strange Color

Unless you are very courageous and not care what others think, you will probably not dye your hair pink or yellow or blue. If you aren’t a person who would dye their hair green in ‘the real world’, this is the time to do it.

7. Go On a Spring Break

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should never miss. Do your best to go on a spring break, even if it is on a very limited budget.

8. Initiate a Prank

Pranks can be very fun if not exaggerated. At least once during your student years, initiate a prank on your friends or the dorm.

9. Spend a Semester Abroad

Spending a semester abroad is something you’ll never forget!

10. Be a Fierce Football Fan

Paint your chest and face and go nuts on the football game.

11. Go Skinny Dipping

When school ends you need to find a job, perhaps form a family, and be a serious, adult person. Do you believe that an opportunity to go skinny dipping will arise once again? Very unlikely, right? This is the time to do it – find a spot on campus and go skinny dipping!

12. Do Something That Scares You

Adrenaline rush is a must-try for a student. Think about an activity that scares you, such as bungee jumping or parachuting, but you always wanted to feel what it is like, and do it! This is the time to do something scary without thinking about the consequences!

13. Adopt a Pet

If a dog or cat is not allowed in a dorm you are staying in, adopt a fish! Give a pet a loving family and teach yourself some obligations. Feeding and walking a dog can make huge changes in your independence and organization.

14. Donate Blood

Donating blood is also courageous and will make you feel really good. Not only is this a gesture that can help save the life of another person, but it can also make you feel and be a better person yourself. Just visit the closest blood donation center and donate some of your blood.

Did you know that, by donating blood, you are decreasing your chances of heart disease and cancer? If the remaining reasons weren’t convincing enough, this surely is.

15. Go to a Festival

Go to a festival that lasts a couple of days and have a great time with your friends! Parties are a huge part of the students’ lives, but it doesn’t have to be inside a dorm or a friend’s house. Enjoy some uplifting music and a road trip all at the same time.

Did you find something to add on your student bucket list? If you have something else in mind, don’t be afraid and do it before school ends!

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