How to Market Your Health and Wellness Business?

How to Market Your Health and Wellness Business

If 2020 was a year that helped place our priorities right, it has successfully placed our overall health on top. Health and wellness have become a necessity now. So, a business here should thrive. But to make it easy for the customers to find you may sound a little bit more daunting.

For running a health and wellness business, you will need to look for the right audience and deliver the right message to them at the right time to keep them hooked to your brand. With this post, we will get you out of this fix and show you methods to connect with potential clients via internet marketing.

Tips to Market Your Wellness Business Online

Below are 6 invaluable tips to gain new clients and finish the year 2020 on the top of the health and wellness sector.

  1. Prioritise the Emails you send out

You might take it for granted, but even today, email marketing is one of the most influential methods to spread the word of your brand. But do remember that your email marketing campaign is only as good as the email list you have created; otherwise, your emails will be transferred to spam. So, prioritise your email marketing campaign and build a valuable list steadily. Maintain the database to build a targetted audience.

When you are doing a clean-up, you can make segmentation, which can help your marketing efforts on various social media platforms. Right now, in 2020, there are more than 3.9 billion active users of emails. Strategise right for the best outcome.

Find potential customers’ databases and send personalised emails using services like Mailchimp. Make sure you give your readers something valuable that will make the receiver open your mail. You can also craft short videos by using an online intro maker. These can become the x-factor that can turn an email receiver into a client. Why not try this out.


  1. Be Active on Social Media Posting

Social media have helped businesses of all sizes to explode in their specific niches, and when it comes to the health and wellness business, you are surely going to see fruitful results. There are several yoga teachers, psychologists, dieticians and trainers on social media that are currently helping people to improve and preserve their health.

Social media platforms are also great to engage your customers directly through comments, live videos, zoom sessions, and more. As the technology continues to improve, the ways that you can use social media for your business are indeed varied.

Get creative with your posts. Use multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., to engage with a different set of customers with various cultural and geographic backgrounds. You can also schedule your posts and time them and not worry about logging in again and put a post manually each time. Use the extra time to create engaging content and putting it out in front of the world.

  1. Mobile Is Your Best Friend

More than 65% of the total traffic comes from mobile users. Be it searching for a dietician or a doctor, we take assistance from mobile for almost everything. The same goes for searching for a health and wellness brand and thus mobile optimisation is a must. Start with a responsive website. And focus on building your Google My Business page. 

  1. Video Content has the Most Reach

Video has taken over social media platforms and the trend is obvious. Whenever people want to watch something insightful and knowledgeable, the go-to application is YouTube. A professional Youtube video editor is easily available, which comes with built-in video templates and animations. You can try the following tools:

  1. VideoPad
  2. Avidemux
  3. Kinemaster

Every minute, more than 400 hours of video content is currently getting uploaded on Youtube, so you need to create compelling content that attracts users and people from your niche. As a wellness brand, understand the precise need of your audience base and create content accordingly.

You can demonstrate and teach first-aid medical drills that can save lives during an emergency. Or give a description of various diseases and their symptoms and advise when a patient needs to see a doctor. Remember that these videos ideas are not YouTube specific only. You can put them up on other platforms as well and video is raging all over social media.

  1. Take Mirco Influencing Seriously

Social influencers are becoming a go-to for all types of businesses, whether you are a startup or a multi-billion-dollar company. They house a ready base of customers and can help your outreach in any particular niche or location.

Search for the influencers who can spread your word to the right audience and contact them. Explore the options of collaboration. Your customer count from influencer marketing should increase in no time.

  1. SEO Still Rules

Keywords such as “health checkup clinics near me” or something similar can help to search optimise your website. And this will increase your chances of getting more customers from users who are searching on the web for you. In addition to this, when you are creating a website, try using custom templates and make your website more responsive for mobile users.

Google prefers mobile-friendly websites as that is the gadget from where people are searching for you. You can test out your mobile-friendliness on various online software such as Smallseotools.


There you go! Some market-tested methods to help you market your health and wellness business online. You need to put your brand where people are searching for you and state vividly what you are offering when they visit your clinic.

It can be a little crowded on the internet. But you can rise above by reaching your customers on a personal level. Try the above tactics and infuse more if you can. You will surely see excellent output in marketing.

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