Women’s Day: Is It Real Or A Day For Social Media Only – YMG Contest Entry

Happy Women’s Day

It’s women’s day and all day long I have been seeing posts on Facebook and other social media glorifying Womankind. It sure feels good that we are special and much appreciated. Scrolling down the hundreds of messages that made me feel warm and loved I came across a video that shows us the real face of abuse. A girl was crying for help to her parents on the phone and being throttled to death because her husband heard her complaining.

The warmth dissipated as the reality sunk in. It is us as parents who raise our girls to be helpless and sons to be abusive. Why is gender neutrality so elusive? It is the parents who need to take a stand. The girl is taught to be submissive and reticent. The smartest career woman needs to shift to a new city and start over again once she is married. The man has to be the provider even if the woman is more capable. Who teaches us this?

On women’s day ask yourself – Are social norms to blame?

Happy Women’s Day

To a certain extent, yes, but brings in the change. One generation of parents needs to stand up and say, “Well, my daughter is equal to my son. She has had similar educational opportunity and knows how to use her talent. She is smart and loves her job. She is looking for a partner and not a boss.’ The message is simple. You have not raised a feminazi but a young woman who knows her worth and demands appreciation of the same.

Do not allow anyone to abuse her physically, emotionally and mentally. Stand up for her rights. NO ONE has the right to put her down. NO ONE has the right to limit her growth. NO ONE has the power to hurt her.  Your daughter will look after two families and then her own little ones. Give her the strength to stand tall.

Give your daughter financial freedom. The means and will to earn a decent wage. There should be no pressure to give her a glitzy wedding, gift her a business opportunity instead. Protect her but give her freedom. Give her confidence to bloom and shine, don’t hold her back.

On women’s day ask yourself – Can we take the independent woman tag too far?

Happy Women’s Day

Oh Yes! We can. On women’s day, my message through this post is that we cultivate independence in our daughters without taking away her innate softness. We should strike a fine balance in giving her wings and teaching her to take her loved ones on her flight above convention. The bottom line is that a woman is also a mother and the familial ties revolve round her.

This women’s day teach your sons how to match his partner’s stride and walk hand in hand. The change begins at home. Have a common standard for your daughter and daughter-in-law. If you support your daughter-in-law do not expect your daughter’s mother-in-law to support her! Maintaining a balance is imperative to the family’s happiness!

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