Women’s Jackets For Every Season – Going Corporate Chic!

Women’s Jackets For Every Season – Going Corporate Chic

Ladies jackets and coats are not only to keep the body warm but also to add style to any outfit women wear. Women have a miscellany of motivations to wear a jacket, ranging from protection from cold and rain to get a finishing touch to any attire and making it acceptable for a formal occasion.

Irrespective of the reason for putting on a coat or jacket, it’s worth choosing it delicately as it has an enormous impact on how you look. A good jacket can really make or break the look of any costume. Color, fitting and style are the prime factors to be kept in mind while choosing a coat or a jacket. The warmth and weight of the jacket also need to be given attention to, depending on the season.

Women’s Jackets For Every Season – Going Corporate Chic

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Ladies coats are usually longer, thicker and warmer than ladies jackets, and make exceptionally fitting for winter. However, there are a few exceptions, like the trench coat, which is flimsy and protects from rain. This is especially apt for springs and summers. You can also wear them as evening coats, which are not only diaphanous but also formal in style.

The trench coat is versatile and most classic clothing that can be teamed up with almost all sorts of outfits. You can wear them for work for a classic corporate look and also for casual occasions. Ladies coats for winter comprises of duffle coats, padded coats, pea coats, leather coats, full-length coats and parka coats. These clothing are smart, casual and also versatile at the same time.

Women’s Jackets For Every Season – Going Corporate Chic

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Women jackets also have a wide range from casuals to the tailored ones, which are appropriate for both work and occasion wear. These are mostly short and have style finishing below the hip. You can also get longer length formal jackets to wear at corporate office environment.

Tailored jackets are flattering and smart. It is called “tailored” as it is simple in line and design that used to be traditionally made by tailors, after taking body measurements. The simple line and lenient fittings make tailored jacket so flattering. You can wear a tailored jacket over your skirts or trousers with a blouse or camisole under it, for a smart work outfit. They are also garbed during extreme winter months. You can wear tailored jackets over any dress for winter weddings or formal winter brunches. They can even be worn with a pair of jeans for an elegant casual outfit.

Tailored jackets vary in style from detailed occasion jackets, blazers, double breasted, long line jackets, and cropped jackets. A classic navy blue or black tailored jacket is a versatile choice for corporate meetings and is definitely a great wardrobe staple.

Women’s Jackets For Every Season – Going Corporate Chic

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Casual jackets are worn over casual outfits to receive more warmth. They range from thin summery jackets worn during mid-summers to chunky winter for cooler weather. Styles include fleece, denim, gilet (sleeveless jackets), and jersey. They can be worn over contrasting long sleeved uppers for a stylish chick look.

Think about the colors first before buying a jacket. Make sure that the color goes with all your outfits. Pick a neutral color for a casual everyday jacket. Neutral color works with lots of variety outfits. But, if you want to make a statement, or to wear with any specific outfit, you can buy jackets of particular colors.

Finally, your selection of jacket should enhance your personality and style. Bright colored jackets are perfect if you want to wear it loud. If you want something relaxed and easy-going, a casually styled tailored jacket will suit you better.

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