The Most Common Types Of Workplace Harassment

workplace harassment

All businesses need to provide safe work environments for employees, and the law provides stringent guidelines to make this possible. However, workplace hostility is one aspect of environment safety that employers often overlook. In some cases, hostility can be illegal. Not only can hostility lead to diminished self-confidence and anxiety for employees, but it can also cause a business to function less efficiently. With that said, these are the most common types of workplace hostility. It is best to consult an employment attorney if you are experiencing any of the following forms of workplace harassment.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the most prominent forms of workplace hostility. The emotional impacts on the victim can be undeniably traumatic. The employee often feels as though their career is on the line, and responding to advances can be a traumatic experience. However, the law protects employees from sexual harassment, and consulting a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney is a practical solution for this type of unpleasant situation.

Physical Harassment

Physical harassment in the workplace refers to violence, threatening behavior, and damage to the property. In more extreme cases, physical harassment is often termed physical assault if the victim is physically harmed due to the harassment. Employment lawyers are readily available to assist with such legal cases, and employees experiencing this type of harassment should take legal action as soon as possible.

Personal Harassment

Personal harassment is a form of bullying in the adult world, and it’s far more widespread than most of us could imagine. Unfortunately, the impacts of personal harassment can diminish an employee’s ability to perform their job role and hinder their personal lives. If you are experiencing personal harassment in the workplace, you should consult an employment lawyer to end the hostility at your workplace. Psychological harassment is another form of personal harassment as the victim is belittled, defamed, and endured distressing remarks.

Discriminatory Harassment

This type of hostility is harassment that is directed at an employee’s gender, age, race, or sexuality. Unfortunately, it is prevalent in workplaces around the world. Even though discriminatory harassment cases are pretty tricky to navigate, you should contact an attorney right away if you have any evidence to support your unfair experience.

Cyber Harassment

In the digital era, of course, bullies will use the internet to target their victims, so cyber harassment is a new form of workplace hostility that is on the rise. Unfortunately, this type of harassment is the most straightforward to deal with legally in most cases, as cyberbullies can be located quite easily.

Workplace hostility can be a massive issue for employees and the business as unhappy employees are unable to function at their best. If you have experienced workplace harassment, you are legally entitled to consult an employment attorney and take legal action against the guilty party. Even if your employer is harassing you, you should take steps to resolve the issue with the help of a legal practitioner to ensure your career is protected in the process.

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