Workplace Jewelry Trends – Keep It Classy And Tasteful


Trying to downplay your style quotient at the office? While it’s smart to be a bit wary about workplace jewelry trends, still there’s no need to go bland and dreary.

When it comes to making a chic statement it’s all about making excellent choices. Accessorizing formal attire can be tricky at times.

Here are some nifty tips on hottest workplace jewelry trends:

1) Statement accessories? No more than one, please!

We know you love your statement necklaces, we love them too. But going overboard will get you in some trouble with the workplace fashion police. If you are putting on a statement bracelet let it be prominent by avoiding other hand accessories like rings and watch.

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2) Bangles in the office? BIG NO NO!


When at the workplace opt for bracelets instead of bangles, because bangles tend to make noise which is not only unprofessional it is also distracting for others. Go for cuffs or bracelets, either plain or gemstone embellished as both look equally good and are office appropriate as well. No matter what you chose make sure it’s classy and tasteful.

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3) Earrings rules?


Studs are the best earring choice for the office as they are small and elegant. If you fancy dangler earrings or drop earrings wear them by all means but make sure you are picking subtle and modest pieces.

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4) How to balance?

To make a wholly professional impression you need to create the right balance between style and sophistication. Bottom line is you want to be noticed but you absolutely don’t want to appear over the top

Few workplace jewelry trends for the road:

  • Pale/white gold is always better than bright/yellow gold.
  • The “White Look” with platinum or gold jewelry will take you places.
  • Stay away from heavy pieces.
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend at the workplace too.
  • Wear jewelry that doesn’t make it difficult to operate computers or to take notes.
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