7 Ways To Write Impressive Answers In Exams

how to write Impressive Answers In Exams

Aren’t we all looking for ways to up our marks and write perfect answers in our exams? Well, this is not really as far-fetched a dream as we may think it to be. There are a few ways to go about it when trying to write impressive answers.

Writing impressive answers will allow you to gain the best marks, which will not only increase your overall percentage, but it will also bring happiness to you as well as your family. So, how to write impressive answers? Well, read on to find out how to get yourself the best marks by writing perfect answers.

7 Ways to write impressive answers in exams

how to write Impressive Answers In Exams

  1. Keep your answers brief & to the point

A lot of the times, students write excessively long answers for questions that don’t require the same. For example, for a 2 marks questions, some students may write a full page while the same may be written in just a few lines. Writing excessively long answers not only takes away the time you have to write other answers, but it also may irritate the teacher correcting your paper.

  1. Map out the question paper according to what you know best

Many a time, you might get stuck on a question and end up wasting a lot of time on it, when there are a lot more questions left to answer. In this wasted time, you could’ve written the perfect answer to a question you know well. Hence, you must read the questions thoroughly, figure out which ones you know the answers to the best and then start solving – from easiest to most difficult according to what you’ve studied best.

  1. Do not unnecessarily decorate your answer sheet

While it can be tempting for many to spend some time during an exam using different colours and making it very colourful, please try to refrain from doing that. The sheet may look good to you, it can rub off the wrong way on the person correcting your paper. It also wastes a lot of time doing this, which you could’ve spent writing a better answer.

  1. Choose wisely from ‘or’ questions

Some questions come with a choice, where you can answer either one of two or more questions for the same amount of marks. You must select your answer wisely according to whichever you think you can answer better, rather than rashly deciding to answer whichever comes first. This will help you write impressive answers.

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how to write Impressive Answers In Exams

  1. Do not leave any question un-attempted

If you do not know the answer to a question, still try to write. Once you start writing, you may remember something you heard about it in your classes, and it may come to you naturally. Even if it doesn’t, it is always better to attempt all the questions than lose marks for a small reason like you did not attempt a question.

  1. Try to write in bullet points (unless required otherwise)

Writing in bullet points helps you convey more in the same amount of words than spending a lot of time trying to write perfect answers in paragraphs. It takes less thought to write in bullet points, and it is also easier for the person correcting your paper to understand your answers faster and better.

  1. Make sure that you study every part of the syllabus thoroughly

While the 7th and last of the tips to write perfect answers in exams is something you must already know, it is, of course, the most important of all. Make lists of all the topics you need to study and cross them off as you’ve studied them. Revise it all over and over again to learn it thoroughly, and then write it as well as you can in your paper using the tips mentioned above to write impressive answers.

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