Yoga Can Keep You Motivated, How? Here Are 3 Ways

Yoga beats your blues

Seeking motivation to live a life of purpose? Why don’t you start with that Yoga Mat of yours!

Yoga leads us towards a happy and motivated life; and the motivation thus achieved helps in reaching new heights in this journey called life. It gives you a feeling of positivity and once you integrate yoga in your lifestyle no challenge would seem too big anymore.

Here are 3 ways in which yoga can keep you motivated:

1# Goodbye lethargy

Many amongst us let idleness or lethargy govern our lives. We keep working mechanically and unenthusiastically, without awareness. Our half-hearted efforts are without activity or action and this destructive lifestyle comes with 100 different excuses.

Yoga beats your blues

Yoga is a great way to eliminated all of this inactivity. , yoga asanas and meditation open up our vertebrae, enhance elasticity in our spinal column and as a result blood circulation increases in our whole body. Not only does yoga remove lethargy, it also gives us vitality and energy throughout the day. Those who practice yoga on a regular basis are so full of energy that they don’t even feel like lying down on the bed during the day.

2# Yoga is your key to mindfulness

Everyone I meet seems to be fascinated with the idea of MINDFULNESS, this buzzword is everywhere, people are taking classes, buying CDs, downloading audios, and apps on mindfulness. How is any of this related to yoga? In more ways than one actually, when/if you do yoga; in the middle of an asana what do you feel? Agitated, impatient, waiting to get done with it? Instead of dwelling on these negative emotions what if you start observing the sensations brought on by the asana?

Yoga beats your blues

You may still have the same feelings—agitation, impatience, boredom. However, rather than reacting, you need to just observe these thoughts. Remind yourself that like every trouble in life, this will also end eventually. This way by encouraging yourself to be mindful you’ll start appreciating the magic of the present moment. You’ll become aware of your mind, body and soul and this is when you’ll realize that being mindful is a million times better than having your Mind-FULL!

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3# Yoga beats your blues

Whether you are having a crisis at work or just going through a bout of depression, yoga can help you breathe your way through any problem. A simple 30 minute routine if practiced on a daily basis can help alleviate depression and anxiety while improving attentiveness and memory. It incites the nervous system to release hormones that perk up our mood.

Yoga beats your blues

Some use yoga to beat the Monday morning, others use it to fight through the pressure of a pressing deadline, either way when the dark clouds of blues are surrounding you, yoga is your one true friend that’ll help you attain a happy state of mind. When it comes to beating the blues, yoga is equivalent to a medicine.

Wrapping up:

Motivation and yoga correspond to each other – they are complementary, you can’t have one without the other.  Without yoga you can’t have the motivation needed to lead an active and healthy life, similarly without motivation you won’t hit the yoga mat in the morning.

Remember, happiness is right here, right now! All you need to do is, be active and motivated to live a life of purpose.  To start a journey of happy and healthy life visit –

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