How Is Yoga Good for Stress?

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Your cell phone’s ringing, your co-workers are screaming and your lifestyle is exploding with peaking stress levels. If you’ve always wanted to maintain calm and composure throughout every day and stay in a bubble of zen away from the noises of the world, then yoga is your dream therapy.

Here are top five unmatched benefits brought to you by the world of yoga:


If you’ve tried out any of the Cult Fitness yoga classes, you will have experienced first-hand the benefits of aligning breathing and meditation with yoga poses/movements. Mindfulness begins with the mind and the body soon follows what the mind practices.

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Every movement is aligned with rhythmic or paced breathing, synchronizing in harmony and transporting you fully to the present. Yoga teaches you to live in the present and observe your thoughts mindfully.

Normally we get desensitized to the underlying signals our body sends us due to high-stress levels and daily anxiety. Through the therapeutic benefits of yoga, you will be able to regulate your emotions, listen to your body, and stay connected with a greater awareness and consciousness throughout life.


After a stressful day at work or even before you begin the day, beginning and ending your day with yoga will invite serenity into your life. Poses like the Balasana and Shivasana are restorative in nature and relaxes the adrenal glands and other organs, thus combating fatigue and lowering anxiety and depression.

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Certain Pranayama techniques like the Nadi Shodhana and Ujjaiya cleanse the mind and body internally and provide a calming effect on the body.


Who says you can’t tone up your glam and build a celeb-style body with yoga? Through a series of challenging movements, toning up your body becomes a cinch with yoga.

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Additionally, yoga poses build up on top of each other which makes it perfect for beginners with no prior experience. Try out the Cult Fitness yoga for a taste of yogic workout.

Health And Well-Being

Through a series of breathing techniques, yoga corrects irregular breathing patterns and brings vitality to every being. Besides improving blood circulation and bone density, the more you hit the yoga mat, the more you’ll be doing your heart a favour.

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Yoga poses improve flexibility, protect the spine, and even eliminate artery blockage symptoms in the long run.

Improves Immunity

Enhanced immunity levels are the byproduct of regular yoga practice. You will no longer be faced with the debilitating symptoms of diseases or even need to worry about falling sick after a year or two.

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Besides other health benefits, yoga even helps women have safe pregnancies and improves mind-muscle coordination. Increased hemoglobin levels in the blood, lowered LDL levels, and ridding toxic waste in the body are some of the many reported benefits of yoga for general wellbeing.


Although yoga traces back its origins to ancient times in India, it is important to practice under the guidance of an expert practitioner since beginners may experience trouble correcting their form/postures on their own, especially if they are out of shape or practice.

How Is Yoga Good for Stress - Cult Fitness classes

Everybody is different in body and personality, which is why customized classes are ideal for beginners entering the world of Yoga. We recommend the Cult Fitness classes as they welcome students of all levels. Keep your diet in mind when supplementing your life with yoga since what you eat will shape you into what you really want to become.

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