How To Handle Bossy Kids

How to handle bossy kids

I am making an attempt to answer – “How to handle bossy kids”, but this isn’t as simple as it sounds especially when the bossy one is your OWN!

What if your child comes back from school all huffed and puffed because he thinks it is unfair that the other kids don’t listen to him!! (That happens – rather it happens a lot!!). How do you explain to a 5-year-old that not everyone is going to treat him like a boss?

Here are a few suggestions that may come handy to handle bossy kids.

  • First and foremost explain to your little one that they should treat everyone equally.
  • Hear your child’s side of the story so that they feel you are also treating them fairly (practice what you preach!).
  • Now ask your child – “Do you think it’s good to treat anyone like this, how would you feel if someone would treat  you like this.”
  • If you think a 5-year-old is not smart enough to answer such a question think again, they are much smarter than we give them credit for.
  • You can try taking example of videos

In the end – don’t forget to conclude your conversation by asking them what they have understood, at times we may feel we have explained ourselves well enough but the child still may have some more questions to ask.

My advice – be patient the conversation might be a bit too lengthy for you taste however, if you are successful in explaining why and how they can treat others fairly and equally then you have helped them for life.

This small behavioral improvement will help them when they would be facing a situation that involves teamwork and synergy.


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