4 Reasons to Choose Harvard University

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If you’re wondering how to get into Harvard University, you’re not alone. Every year, people from all over the world apply to this Ivy League university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Harvard University is one of the most well-known and prestigious academic institutions across the globe. It has built a strong name for itself since it was founded in 1636 and now has around 2,500 faculty members and almost 20,000 students in total.


If you plan on applying to university in the near future, here are four reasons why you should consider Harvard University.

Reasons to Choose Harvard University

1. Extensive financial aid for students

Harvard has an estimated endowment of $50.9 billion, which makes it the wealthiest education institution in the world. When split per student, the university has the fifth largest endowment in the whole of the United States.


So, how does this relate to you? Well, the larger the endowment, the more financial aid the university is able to provide for you. Harvard has a great financial program that ensures its students aren’t struggling during their studies and can graduate without extensive debt.

2. Extensive range of courses and extracurricular activities

Harvard University has an extensive range of courses and extracurricular activities for its students. You can easily find a course that meets your needs and preferences, and enables you to enter the career of your dreams.


Outside of your studies, you can enjoy a wide selection of additional activities, such as sports, arts, and performing. There are plenty of clubs and societies that are open to every student, no matter what their abilities or prior experience.


Taking part in extracurricular activities not only keeps you sane during your studies, but also enhances your resume to impress future hiring managers when you’re looking for a new job.

3. Great housing options for students of all ages

Almost all students studying at Harvard University live on campus, thanks to the extensive amount of top-quality housing that the University offers. Living on campus makes attending your lectures and social events easy, and you can continue living on-site until you graduate.


Each house has its own quirk, and there are additional facilities available on the Harvard University campus, such as gyms, libraries, and music rooms. You won’t struggle to organize your schedule when everything you need is on your doorstep.

4. Perfect location for students

Harvard is in the perfect location for a university. It resides just outside of Boston, so students can quickly access the city center if they need to, although pretty much everything is available on the campus itself!


Cambridge is a student-centric place that is known for being quirky, safe, and full of exciting things to do. It has a friendly character and ambiance that makes everybody feel welcome. Heading to such a well-known university can be intimidating but the friendly atmosphere of the Harvard University campus enables you to feel settled as soon as you arrive.

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