How to Build Team Spirit in a Stressful Workplace

Team Spirit

This year hasn’t been kind to humanity. In a dizzying twelve months, the world has turned on its axis and every single facet of everyday life has been altered significantly.

This is also the case in the business world. With many offices working from home, amazon jobs introducing no-contact delivery, and face masks being worn in essential workplaces, 2020 has changed the way we, as business people, operate.

With so much change and such little time to adjust, workplaces around the world are feeling a level of stress at an unprecedented level. This winter season looks to be the toughest in recent times, and employees everywhere are in desperate need of a morale and motivation boost.

Every workplace needs positivity. It’s the beacon of light that brightens dark days ahead and is the spirit that makes workers and customers alike feel valued and respected. Building positive energy in the workplace is a labor of love that takes time, attention, and a lot of effort. However, its results will soon be apparent if you invest in it properly.

Creating team spirit in the workplace requires:

Team Spirit

  1. Employing the Right People

A workplace lives and dies by the individuals who are a part of it. Building the right spirit in a workplace is entirely dependent on the kind of characters, attitudes, and mindsets that run it.

Hiring people who share the visions and missions of the company is paramount in building the right environment. People who are pro-active, humble, and personable will make the atmosphere in the workplace so much easier to handle. Whilst stress is inevitable sometimes, acknowledging its presence and dealing with it in the right way will put everybody’s minds at ease.

Take a look at the person’s background before hiring them. Find out which companies they’ve previously worked at, what their role was, and how they fit into your workplace. Speak to them on an individual basis and discover their personal attributes – this will help you immensely in deciding whether or not that person is a good fit or not.

A workplace is only as productive as its people. It’s the most important factor in determining team spirit in an organisation – so do not take it for granted.

  1. Valuing the Individual

Every person has a unique story to tell. Those who are a part of your workplace likely come from differing backgrounds, countries, experiences, and values. It’s important to get to know people on a basis beyond their job title. Workplaces thrive when the workers know they are respected and valued both inside and out of the workplace. Everybody is motivated in different ways, and by different things, and those individual differences need to be acknowledged and celebrated.

  1. Keeping Criticism Constructive and Praising Regularly

Everybody has lessons to learn and improvements to make. Weaknesses need to be handled with care and respect and criticism must only be made if it is helpful and constructive.

A workplace built on unnecessary critique, negativity, and gossiping is a toxic and unproductive one. Workers need to feel that their job is important and that their hard work is recognised, and there’s no better way to do that than by giving praise.

Even the smallest gesture goes a long way. Praising coworkers builds confidence, trust, and inspires positivity, enabling the atmosphere in the workplace to shine. I mentioned the importance of treating people as individuals, and giving positive feedback goes a long way in making an individual feel welcome at work – especially new recruits who may be nervous.

It’s important that everybody in the workplace shares the same aspiration of getting better. This will help the workplace share the laser focus and camaraderie that great companies require. The workplace must be a well-oiled machine to avoid confusion and frustration – which are two  things that can ruin the team spirit you’ve been working so hard to achieve. It is paramount that each person knows their role, function, and importance to the company and receives ample praise whilst doing so. When required, criticism must be constructive and on an entirely professional basis.

Clarity also encourages team-work and cooperation, and will help cultivate the correct team spirit that is needed for your company to thrive in challenging times. Efficient, streamlined teamwork is the hallmark of any great company, and developing it will bring tremendous benefits to everybody involved.

Building team spirit in a time as stressful as this won’t happen overnight. It has to be nurtured, monitored, and cultivated over time – but the effort is more than worth it if you want to take your company to that next level.

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