Weight Loss Diet That May Protect You From Coronavirus

weight loss diet

Indeed, obesity is a chronic, permanently progressing disease, associated with impaired energy balance, hormonal regulation, metabolism, and hemodynamics. It is connected with the pathological growth of adipose tissue in multiple places, leading to an increase in damaging complications. It is well-known that overweight people have reduced immunity. Stay with us and find out the details.


Coronavirus and weight

Biologists have found that due to obesity, the body produces receptors that the Coronavirus uses to penetrate healthy cells. It explains why COVID-19 in obese people is more likely to be complicated.

The results of animal experiments show that the body of mice that were obese produced more ACE2 protein [compared to their counterparts without metabolic problems]. Moreover, these changes were manifested mainly in the tissues of the lungs. It explains why obesity increases the risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19.

Doctors and biologists found that SARS-CoV-2 significantly more often affects people suffering from diabetes, obesity, chronic heart disease, as well as smokers. In particular, cardiac problems increase the likelihood of death from the Coronavirus infection by more than four times.

As further studies have shown, almost all of these patterns are explained by the fact that these chronic diseases cause the cells of the lungs and other body tissues to produce more ACE2 protein molecules. The virus uses this protein to be attached to cells and infect them.

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How to fight it

Naturally, you should try to pull yourself together and begin to fight the problem. Moreover, each person can assess the condition and knows his own needs better than others. So, you should look for a more useful and healthy way to deal with stress. You need to correct the wrong diet and bring the weight back to normal with the help of Physical Exercise. A keto diet can manage this, as it helps to quickly reduce weight and visceral fat, and expected weight loss on a keto diet is about 3 lbs a week.

Keto diet principles

A ketogenic weight loss diet is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet. The essence of this weight loss diet is to “force” the body to use fats as the primary energy source, while with a balanced diet, carbohydrates perform this function. Read some reviews on the best fiber supplement for keto for helping you at the beginning of the keto diet.

A balanced diet contains three connected and equally significant components: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. During a ketogenic diet, a deficiency of carbohydrates occurs, and the body begins to produce glucose analogs – ketones. The primary energy source’s role is to be fulfilled by fat reserves: the so-called “reserve” fat begins to break down, and the blood is enriched in ketone bodies.

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So how to start a keto diet for weight loss? The keto diet principle is as follows: the first phase starts when the body goes into a state of ketosis (the average daily rate of carbohydrates is reduced to 30-50 grams). You may need a ketogenic diet weight loss calculator. In the second stage, ketones are produced; the third phase is the burning of subcutaneous fat.

Keto and viruses

Scientists have discovered that a modified ketogenic diet for weight loss can help cope with a viral infection. Dieted mice often survived and lost less weight with a lethal dose of the Coronavirus. But the intermediate product of fat metabolism – short-chain fatty acid butyrate – did not have such an effect. It seems that splitting fats is essential for protecting against the virus.

The ketogenic diet composition includes a large amount of fat, fewer proteins, and very few carbohydrates. The principle of its work: in the absence of glucose, cells switch to fats. To do this, they oxidize long fatty acids and break them down into short molecules, from which they then receive energy. It is believed that in this case, food in the cells is spent more efficiently; the ketogenic diet is already being tested to cope with various diseases, including Coronavirus.

Emily Goldberg and her colleagues at Yale School of Medicine decided to test how a ketogenic diet affects immunity. To do this, they injected a lethal dose of influenza virus particles into the noses of mice and kept them on a low-carb feed for a week. In the first few days, they found that starving mice lost less weight and tolerated the infection better; on day four, there were no survivors in the control group, and only half of the experimental animals died.

The revealed effect of the ketogenic diet is not a significant result, but the process. When the cells receive only fatty acids as food, they have to start the reactions of their oxidation and split to short acids. At the same time, the mitochondria themselves begin to work more efficiently and produce more antioxidants that protect cells from the stress that inevitably accompanies infections and inflammation.

The exact mechanisms of action for researchers have yet to be clarified, but they suggest that these results may be useful in preventing annual flu epidemics in humans.

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Scientists still have not reached a consensus on how ketogenic and other restrictive diets can be effective in controlling disease or prolonging life. In one study, for example, they found that a ketogenic diet helps metabolism and boosts immunity even without weight loss. It is necessary not only to have a keto diet weight loss plan but also to manage physical activity.

Also, some recently published research work has been showing promising results regarding PEMF devices and COVID-19 recovery. Since PEMF therapy is improving immune response by supercharging immune system, it works very well for patients recovering from COVID-19 virus.

Stay healthy!

Tell us about your keto diet weight loss success. Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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