5 Tips for Handling a Divorce at the Workplace

Everyone knows that going through a divorce isn’t an easy nut to crack, but things can get even more difficult when you have to maintain a certain level of productivity at work as well. Being a worker in a critical sphere of infrastructure while dealing with divorce can be very challenging and exhausting, that’s why we came up with this post for you. Below, you can find out how to get through marriage dissolving and keep up with your working duties at the same time. Handling a divorce can be easier, trust us!

Tips for Handling a Divorce at the Workplace

Schedule the following months with a special care

First of all, planning should become your best during the time of divorce. Be you a doctor, a top manager of a corporation, or a teacher, you have to fit your new project called ‘The Divorce’ into your daily life without jeopardizing your job. 

Be sure to add all potential meetings with your attorney, a mediator, a therapist, and any other person you’re going to cooperate with into your calendar. Don’t overlook your duties at work too: your job meetings and calls shouldn’t be missed due to court hearings or the filing process. 

Talk to your HR department

The next step to answering the question of how to handle a divorce and stay sane at work is cooperating with the HR specialist at your company. Talking to them regarding your mental state during the process you’re going through and your productivity is completely okay and shouldn’t be perceived as weakness. 

You will need to discuss your potential days off with them as well: in case you have to file your documents on your own or complete CA online divorce, hand them to your spouse or be present at the court. All those activities require time and can be done during business hours only, so cooperating with your employer is important for maintaining your work results high and your mind sane. 

Let your boss know what you’re going through

Besides getting in touch with your HR specialist, be sure to have a talk with your direct manager. If you’ve been working together for a long time and have established a high level of trust, you may not need to hide what’s going on in your life. 

On the contrary, if you have no trust relations between you, be careful about sharing any details of your personal life except for the fact that you are divorcing. Also, come up with a plan on how you are going to deal with your responsibilities during this time and ask them if they can help you in prioritizing your activities at this moment. 

Remember about your priorities

Since a divorce is a pretty tiresome event that won’t leave you full of energy, keep in mind that your wellness matters at this time. Don’t skip your yoga or crossfit classes if you’re used to them; feel free to start a new fitness routine to keep up your health and positive mood. There’s no need to buy an expensive membership card to Planet Fitness, you can easily work out at home if you want.

Also, don’t forget about the people who need your attention during a divorce the most: it’s your kids. Therefore, refusing to hang out with your friends at a bar to spend time with your children won’t be perceived as an offense. Do what’s best for you and your family until you sort the divorce things out. 

Have enough rest to keep work-life balance 

Finally, you should track the quality and time of rest you’re taking during a divorce to avoid becoming prone to infections and auto-immune illnesses. Get an app on your phone to count your hours of sleep, walks, and the amount of water you drink to stay fresh and full of energy.

If you are struggling with allowing yourself to rest and recover, add the rest hours to your calendar as if they were your tasks to do. Seeing them written on a paper sheet or on your smartphone screen will help you understand their role in your everyday life. After all, we work to live, not live and try to fit our needs into the schedule for the sake of work.

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